The Afternoon Massage 

Once home on Monday after dropping my daughter off at crèche, I decided while having breakfast that I was going to message Kyla and see if she was able to give me a massage on Wednesday. She replied back asking what massage I would like and the time length as she does have two bookings already. And if i would be coming to her or her to my home. But can definitely fit me in.

I replied saying that I would like an unrushed 90 min full body and head massage and would like it if she could come to me. 

She replied back saying that’s cool and asked if it would be ok between 11h00 and 13h00 to fit in the massage time. 

I said that would be perfect and sent her my address. 

Wednesday morning arrived and after getting home from dropping my daughter off at crèche I had a relaxing bath while I waited for 11h00 to arrive. After my bath I put on my gown and slippers and made my way to the kitchen where I a cup of tea while waiting for Kyla to arrive.
The doorbell rang at 10h40 and when I opened up it was Kyla. She said she hopes I don’t mind that she’s a little early, which I didn’t. She got her massaging fold up bed out her car and wheeled it in. I asked her if it’s not heavy and she past it to me to pick it up. It was a lot lighter than it looked and she said it weighs 15kgs. I was rather impressed by it. She asked where would I like it to be set up and I suggest for today in the lounge. 

I offered her something to drink while she was setting up and she asked if she could have a glass of fruit juice. I got that for her and on my return the bed was set up. She first drank her juice while we chatted as she asked how I have been etc. 
It was then time and as she finished her juice she past me a towel and asked if I wanted her to leave the room while I got undressed and laid down on the massage bed. I said to her no need for the towel as I undid and removed my gown. Kyla said you have such a lovely body and definitely aren’t shy in front of me. 

I replied back to her while getting onto the bed saying, I don’t see any point in being shy around you if I’m going to getting a massage from you monthly.

She replied back saying that it does make a lot of sense and yay I got a regular customer and then she giggle. 

She started drizzling massage oil onto my back when she asked what type of massage would I like, soft medium or hard. 

I replied a full house medium massage and she then started with my neck and shoulders. 

We chatted while she massaged me and I asked her how long has she been doing private messages. 

She replied that’s it’s only her 3rd month now as it took her a year to save up enough money to by the portable massage bed as well as a fixed one at her parents house, to buy suffient stock of oils as well as towels and all the odds and ends she needed. although her dad did help her out with some of the payments.

I said that’s so awesome that you studied and worked hard to get where you are. 

She had moved down to my lower back and I could feel I had started to relax. Her hands then ran over my bum as she massaged each of my cheeks before moving down my thighs and legs. We stopped talking and I laid there enjoying the massage. She soon finished with my feet and then moved up to my head. She massaged my temples and the back of my head, totally relaxing me before asking me to turn over onto my back. 

Once I was laying on my back, Kyla continued to massaging my head first before moving down to my feet. After massaging my feet she slowly made her way up my legs. She slowly and teasingly again massage my inner and upper thighs before moving onto my groins and hips, which made me rather wet. 

She then asked me, same as before regarding your private areas and I replied yes please as she started drizzling oil onto my belly. 

She rubbed the oil over the skin of my tummy and down to my pelvis. I then felt her fingers move over my pussy as she rubbed my lips up and down. I opened my legs as she massaged my pussy lips for a while before moving back up my body. She drizzled oil onto my chest and then rubbed over my throat shoulders chest and boobs. She massaged my boobs with her hands and eventually she was gently pinching my hard nipples making me more horny. She then moved to my neck and throat and gently massage me there before moving back down over my boobs and belly till reaching my groins. She teasingly massage my groins and next to my pussy as I had my legs spread for her. Eventually I felt her finger move onto my pussy and she started to finger me up and down. She rubbed my pussy and soon started to stimulate my clit, I started moaning as she brought me to climax and as my body tensed up Kyla rubbed my pussy fast up and down while I moaned and orgasmed. After I finished orgasmning she removed her hand and my relaxing massage was over.
I sat up on the massage bed and she asked me if I enjoyed. 

I told it was amazing and that even though I’m still a bit horny, I am also totally relaxed. 

She said that’s awesome glad you enjoyed it. 

She wiped the oil off her hands on the towel as I got up and put my gown on. 

I then asked her if she was bi – sexual or have had any lesbian encounters. 

She replied back saying no that’s she’s straight and that I’m the only woman who she has fingered apart from herself.

I said oh so I’m special. And she said indeed you are.

I then asked why tho? And she answered saying it’s because I have a fun and confident personality and makes it easier for her to do a good job.

She then wiped down the massage bed while I went to get ger a glass of juice once more and her money. 

And on my return I asked one last question, if it made her horny by pleasuring me. 

She blushed as replied it most definitely did and said that she can feel that she is a little wet. 

I laughed and said that she’s now my naughty masseuse and she laughed as she acknowledged it.

I then gave her a hug goodbye and a kiss on the cheek saying thank you for my pleasurable massage before she took the massage bed and made her way out the front door and to her car.
After she left I still felt a little horny so I made my way up to my bedroom. I got my vibrator out from the bedside draw and undid my gown before laying down on my back. I switched the vibrator on and placed it between my legs and started rubbing it up and down my pussy lips. I then stopped it on my clit and allow the vibrations to stimulate my clit. I was soon moaning as I brought myself to climax and orgasmed while pleasuring myself ending of my relaxing pleasurable day.  


Introduction:Some time ago one of my youngest daughter’s friends made the comment that she found me “attractive”. Since she is very attractive herself, I pondered more than once on how and why we might have a relationship, and when she showed some pleasure in a couple of playful swats, well this series just sort of took off. Hope you enjoy it. It seems to be going places I didn’t expect, but I like it.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” My daughter’s friend Michelle asked one afternoon after school while she took a break from homework in our kitchen.
“Well, yes, you’re a very pretty girl, Michelle.” I told her. The truth was, since I’d lost my wife in a car crash some months before, I’d noticed Michelle, as much as any of my daughter’s friends. She was a very lovely girl, just under five tall, with big blue eyes, dark blonde hair, full lips, a cute little nose, and a well developed and nicely rounded body. But she was only seventeen, and one of my daughter’s best friends, so there was no way this was going further.
“I mean really pretty?” She asked again, “Not just like a cute little girl, but like a woman you might like to know better?”
“Michelle, you’re very pretty, and someday you’ll be a very beautiful woman, for someone near your own age.” I knew I had to nip this quickly.
“But I don’t like guys my own age, they’re so immature, and silly, and they don’t know what they’re doing.”
“What do you mean?” I asked. I was already afraid of where this might take me.
“Well, sexually, of course.” She told me. “And even worse, they just don’t know what to do to make me feel good, or anything. I bet you know a lot.”
“Michelle, all that might be true, but we’re not going there. I’ve had a lot of experience, but you need to find a teacher that you truly love and care about and that you can grow up with.” I explained.
“But what if the person I truly care about is older and experienced, shouldn’t he teach me?” She asked.
“Not if it’s me.” I said, “And more important, not if you’re not at least eighteen.”
“Well, at least tell me about what you like. Tell me some things you enjoy doing that might give me a place to start.” She asked.
I decided to start off easy with her, figuring Michelle didn’t have much experience, so I told her, “Well, I really love oral sex, both giving and getting it. For me it’s best when the woman swallows all my cum, and enjoys it. And of course when I’m giving her oral sex I want all her pussy hair shaved off so I can really stay with my face deep in her pussy without getting hair in my mouth, and she has to enjoy me doing it, and cum, and be vocal about it.”
“Wow!” She exclaimed. “I’ve given a couple of guys blow jobs, and it’s OK, they made me swallow, but I’m not sure I like it. And no one has ever gone down on me. I haven’t ever really had an orgasm with a boy ever before.”
“Well, you see. That’s part of experience. How many boys have you had sex with?” I asked.
“Well, without naming names, I’ve given blow jobs to three guys, and had actual sex with two of them” She explained.
“That’s all?” I asked. “How many times?”
“Well, about maybe, ten times total, not counting the blow jobs.”
“Ever try it with any girls?” I inquired.
“Well, once. With a friend of mine,” she blushed and ducked her head, “not Lizzy of course, we fingered each other’s pussy and rubbed each others tits, and rubbed our tits together, like that. You know?”
“So I take it your orgasms have been by masturbating?”
“Well, yeah. I really like that. It feels so good when I cum. I do it almost every day, sometimes more than once if I’m having a really bad day.”
From then on Michelle and I would continue our after school discussions, but I made it clear that nothing was going to happen, especially until she was eighteen. We discussed every variation of sex that I’d tried, and that was a lot. She got quite an education, regardless, even if second hand. Then one day she had an idea.
“So, would it be OK if I tried out some of the stuff you’ve told me about? I mean, like bring some guys over, or some girls, and try the stuff you’ve told me about so I can see if I enjoy the things you do? That way I’d get experience for when I’m eighteen and you can have sex with me.”
“Michelle, I never said I’d have sex with you, I just said it wasn’t even an open topic until you were eighteen. But yes, I know you can’t do much at home, so if you want to bring people here when I’m at work, and practice the things we’ve talked about, then feel free. Just stay out of the liquor cabinet and clean up after yourself.”
“Oh wow, thanks. I promise you’ll hardly know I was here, but I’ll get really good at the stuff you like, and I’ll get lots of practice. Did I tell you I’ve decided I do really like the taste of guy’s cum? I’ve been practicing that. Some of the guys say I give the best blow jobs they’ve ever had. And oh yeah, I shaved all my pussy hair smooth. Wanna see?”
“No Michelle, I don’t want to see. I’ll take your word for it.”
From then on Michelle got as much sexual experience as she could. She’d leave me notes about what she’d done each time she brought someone, or several someones to the house. Sort of a journal that I kept in a drawer in my home office. She described each experience as she ticked off a mental list of the things we’d talked about that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Threesomes, two guys with her, her and a couple, two girls. Oral sex, anal sex, double penetrations, Licking a cock clean after it had been used to fuck her, or someone else. Learning to eat pussy. Learning to cum and enjoy sex, whether it lasted minutes or hours. Then she went beyond. First three guys, then four. Then she added girls for her to satisfy while the guys fucked her. Then there was the day I came home and she was still there, with seven guys. I heard the noise from the spare bedroom. When I walked in Michelle was on all fours on the bed, one guy was fucking her from behind, almost ready to shoot into her, and one guy was fucking her mouth, also nearly cumming. The rest were standing around the bed, pulling on their cocks and cheering her on, and their buddies.
The guy in her mouth grunted and stiffened, and pushed his cock deep into her mouth and cried out, “Oh gawd! I’m cumming! Suck my cum down! Suck it all down!” And Michelle did. Every drop. When he finally pulled his limp dick from her mouth and flopped on the bed he just said, “Next.”
Meantime, the guy behind her was still pumping away. Michelle saw me standing there, but a huge orgasm shook her before she could say anything. They were both yelling and cumming together, slamming their hips together while he pumped every drop he could deep in her pussy. That was when I realized that Michelle’s knees were actually in big wet puddles of cum. There was cum trailing down her arms and legs, across her back, dripping from her nipples, and her chin. There even appeared to be stings of cum in her hair. She grinned up at me, “Wanna join in? There’s plenty for everyone!”
“No, Michelle, I will not join in. Enjoy yourself, all of you, and clean up when you’re finished.”
Sometime later I heard the guys leaving. Michelle came into my office wearing one of my old robes. It wasn’t tied, and her body was clearly visible, neatly shaved and streams of cum still trickling down her belly and her legs. She smelled as strongly of sex as anyone I’d ever been close to. She stood next to me and opened the robe for me to look.
“Do you think I’m getting enough experience for you?” She asked. “Would you like a taste? Or a smell?” She giggled. Then she slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed her fingers deep in her cunt. She moaned, then pulled them out covered in cum and put them in her mouth.  
“Luscious! Want some?” She poked one finger my direction.
“No.” I told her. “You need to have some clothes on when we’re together. And you need to get a shower.”
“Oh, party pooper! Wanna help me shower?” she asked. Grinning from ear to ear.
“No. And No, again.” I barked. “Close the robe, go get a shower, by yourself, and get dressed. And I want you always dressed when we’re together.”
“Until I’m eighteen.”
“At least until you’re eighteen. And we won’t even discuss it unless you start to understand what the rules are.”
For the next few months we continued our discussions, but Michelle was always dressed, if not always properly, when I was around. One sunny, summer afternoon I was sitting at my desk, working on a project when Michelle walked in. “Hey, guess what I got today?”
“No clue.” I answered.
“This!” And she held out a new driver’s license.
“Nice picture.” I answered.  
“Not that silly, look at the date.”
I knew without even looking what she wanted me to see, but I looked anyway, and I was right. “So, you’re eighteen now.. That’s very nice.”
“And you’re going to give me my best present ever, right now.”
“And that would be?” Thinking I might know the answer. By now she had moved around the desk next to me. She leaned over my chair, put one hand on the back rest, kissed me on the lips, and rubbed the other hand along my already hardening cock.
“You’re going to give me this.” She said it with some confidence. “I’ve waited long enough, and I know enough now, this is my cock, and I want it.” She licked around my ear, then trailed her tongue into my mouth searching for my tongue and drawing it to her.
How could I deny, I wanted her too. I stood up and started to pull my shirt off.
“No, I will undress you, then I’m going to give you a show.” She stated. “Then you’re going to give me this.” and she slid her hand along my cock again.
She undid my pants, slipped off my shirt, ran my pants and underwear down my legs and tugged my socks off too. In seconds she had me naked, kneeling on the floor in front of me, my cock inches from her face. She sucked just the head into her mouth and held it for a few moments. Then she planted a kiss on its head and stood up.
“You taste as good as I expected, but first, this.” And she led me around the desk to the couch. She pushed me down. “Sit!”
I sat. She slowly started to sway her body, then loosened her clothes. She unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped it off, the bra beneath was tiny, lacy, and cut so that her nipples on the globes of her breasts nearly poked over the top. She loosened her skirt and dropped it to the floor. I noticed the high heels, and the garter belt and stockings. No panties. “Do you like it?”
“What do you think?” I realized my hard cock was in my hand. I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help myself, and clearly she intended to have me. She knelt in front of me and took me deep in her mouth this time. I gasped. She certainly knew exactly what she was doing.
“Would you like to taste me too?” she asked. I nodded and she stepped up on the couch, straddling my face. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I started licking. Suddenly I couldn’t get enough of her juice. She was so sweet, and wet, and I wanted her so much.. I slid my hands to the backs of her thighs and pulled her to me, licking deeply into the sweet split peach of her shaved pussy. I grabbed the cheeks of her round ass, and forced my mouth deep into her pussy, licking and nibbling everywhere. She grabbed my head and held it tightly against her as she shook with a small orgasm.  
Gasping, she pulled my head back by the hair and looked into my eyes. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “That was good. And fast! No one ever made me cum like that and so easily.”
She slid down and pulled my face between her breasts. “Now it’s my turn.”  
And she slid her body further down, reaching between us to grab my cock out of my hand, she started rubbing it against her dripping pussy lips. When she had it wet, she lowered herself again, slipping the head between her lips, “Ready?” she asked.
I groaned and nodded and she dropped quickly down onto me, taking the full length of my cock inside her in one motion. I gasped, as did she. “Doesn’t that feel wonderful? Just sit still and let me hold you inside me a little while. I’ve wanted this for so long I want to make it last.”
How could I argue, for a guy my age to have his cock inside a tight, sweet pussy like hers, and only eighteen years old, and so beautiful, I didn’t want to hurry and leave her either. Slowly she started to rock her hips. Just a little at first, then more and faster. She locked her mouth on mine, sucking my tongue into her mouth and nibbling on it. Then she was panting, and I knew she’d cum again shortly. I started to move a little with her rhythm. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me and pulled me into her more deeply. “Oh god, I’m cumming again!” she cried.
“Wow! Two times already. Usually it takes a lot longer for me to cum, and I’ve never cum twice like that.” She panted in my ear. “You really are the best ever!”
“I’m very glad you think so.” I said. “have you had all you want?” I was hoping she wanted quite a lot more, but didn’t dare to say it out loud.
“Oh no!” She cried. “You silly. I want you to do all the things you’ve described to me, one at a time, and I don’t want you to stop until we’ve done them all.”
“That doesn’t seem quite possible. How about we do a few then rest a while?” I asked.
Now she was rocking her hips again, massaging my cock with her tight pussy muscles. She had obviously practiced a lot, and truth was, she had gotten very good at what she was doing. “Do you like it when I do this?” She asked.  
I was so into what she was doing, and getting close to coming, that I could barely speak. “Yes, I like it a lot.” I gasped. “You’re going to make me cum very quickly like this, though. Are you sure you don’t want to draw this out a bit?”
Her legs were stilled locked tightly around my hips, and I couldn’t move or even draw back at all, she was in complete control, unless I just pushed her off onto the floor. And that wasn’t likely to happen.
“No. I want you to fill me with you cum, then I can lick you clean and taste yours. I bet yours is just the yummiest cum ever!”
I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. She trailed kisses down my chest and licked my nipples. She was moving harder and faster now. She had me right on the edge. She grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers. She jammed her tongue into my mouth and sucked on mine. “Oh god! I’m cumming again! Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwddddd!” She wailed.  
“I’m cumming too!” I cried. I could only hope she heard me over her screams. I pushed my hips up, so I could shoot as deeply as possible into her. She dropped herself down at the same time, locking my hips in a death grip with her legs. Our pubic bones were grinding into each other so hard it was nearly painful. We moaned into each other and ground our bodies together. It was by far the best sex I’d had in a long time. I was panting and could hardly breathe, and Michelle wasn’t doing much better. Finally she caught her breath and leaned back to look at me.
“Wow. I’ve never felt anything like that!” She said. “I love sex, but I never knew it could be like that. I want more of that. How soon can we do it again?”
“It’s going to be a little while, maybe a half hour at least.” I admitted.
“But you’re still hard. I can feel it inside me. Can’t we just go again?”
“It doesn’t work that way. I’m not eighteen anymore. We’ll have to wait a little while for me to recover. We can sit here and talk if you want.”
“First I want to taste your cum.” Michelle slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed at her pussy. “Oh damn! It’s leaking out.” She rubbed her fingers in the cum dribbling around my cock then put them in her mouth and sucked. “Yummy!”
She slipped her hand back onto her cunt and lifted herself off my cock. She cupped her hand and caught the cum that gushed out and let my cock flop against my belly. I watched while she scooped her fingers along her pussy lips to retrieve as much of our cum as possible and brought her hand to her mouth. “You taste so good.”
She looked at my cock and dropped off the couch and swallowed me in one gulp. I could feel her tongue rolling me around and getting all the juice off. When she had enough she slipped her lips off my cock and held it to see if she’d missed any. It looked clean to me. And, due to her attention, I was still at least half erect. “Would you get hard faster if I held it in my mouth for you?” She grinned.
“No. Not really. You’ll just have to give me a little recovery time.”
She reached back between her legs for another taste and found some. She brought her hand to her face. Then she grinned at me and held out her fingers. “Want some?”
“Not now, thank you.”
“You don’t know what you’re missing.” And her fingers went in her mouth. “You really should try some. You’re delicious you know.”
“I have tried some and it’s okay, but not my favorite flavor.”
“Well what is your favorite flavor then?”
“I prefer the taste of a clean young pussy to anything else.”
Michelle blushed. “Oh. I should have known.”
“That’s okay, I’d never told you and you hadn’t asked before.” I reassured her. “Why don’t you climb up here with me and we can talk a while.”
Michelle smiled and jumped back up on the couch, straddling my hips and rubbing her lovely breasts on my chest. She threw her arms around my neck and put her face next to mine. “Okay, what did you want to talk about?”
“How about a lack of discipline in a certain young lady?”
“Do you want to discipline me? I read about that on the internet. Sometimes they talk about bondage too. Are we going to do that? Are you going to tie me up and discipline me? I think I might like that.”
“I’m almost afraid you might.” I admitted.
“I could be your sex slave. I’d be there whenever you wanted sex, all you’d have to do is just put your wonderful cock inside me. Anytime, anywhere. I’d be yours to use all the time. And if I’m bad you can spank me. Even tie me up if you want. Tie me up and spank me. That would be pretty fun. Don’t you think?”
“Do you have any idea what a sex slave really is?”
“Well.” Michelle paused for a moment. “Not really. But it sounds all neat and sexy and lots of sex for both of us. I really do want to be your sex slave. Can I? Hmm?” At this last she wiggled her crotch against my cock. Of course he responded.
“Being a sex slave is a lot more than just the sex parts. As a slave you’d be obligated to serve me, and not just sexually. Your body wouldn’t be your own it would be mine. Mine to use and mine to command. I might want you to service others besides just me. I might tell you to have sex with my friends, male or female. I might deny you sex if you disobey me. I might beat you if you disobey me. What would you think of that?”
Michelle sat quietly and considered for a long minute. “I still want to be your sex slave.”
“Alright then, let’s go to the computer and we’ll draw up a “Sex Slave Contract”. We’ll call it “The Rules” and that will describe what you’ll do as my sex slave, and what I’ll do for you in return. We’ll describe how you’ll behave, and how I’ll punish you if you misbehave. If you think you really want to do that you can sign it and I’ll sign it and you can move in here next month when you graduate and you’ll be my little sex slave. But first you need to think seriously about what we write here.”
I sat in my office chair at the computer and started typing out “The Rules”. Michelle climbed into my lap and did her best to tease and distract me. I was able to ignore her enough to set out what we both decided were fair and equitable rules for her as my sex slave. I honestly didn’t think she’d accept it after thinking it over, but if she wanted to, I could use her. Besides, she wanted to learn my trade from me, she would be able to be my assistant by day and my slave by night, or something like that.
When we finished I printed a copy. “Now, I’m going to lay this in the kitchen and I want you to think it over seriously for the next several days. I’ve already agreed to train you as my assistant, so this is above and beyond that, but the rules will apply whether you’re my assistant or not, if you agree to them. I don’t want you to take this lightly, you can’t move in until you graduate anyway. So read them several times and make a reasoned and informed decision.”
“But I don’t need to think it over.” She took the pages from me to read them quickly.
“Yes. You do need to think it over. Read what it says there. Your body will belong to me. You’ll almost always be naked when you’re here, regardless of who else is here. If you bring friends over they’ll have to be naked with you. While I will still train you as my assistant you’ll also be a sex slave until you decide to end this contract. Be sure this is what you want. I won’t be your only sexual partner, and you may not always want who I determine gets to use you. Take some time to be sure you want this.”
Michele sat there on my lap and read through what we’d written together. She absently stroked me as she read. I stroked her as well, careful to avoid anything that could be construed as a sexual touch. Even with her naked on my naked lap. After reading all the pages she looked at me very seriously. “I really don’t have to think about this. I really do want to do it. Are you going to make me wait?”
“I’m telling you that you should wait. This isn’t something you should do sitting here naked on my lap just after we’ve had sex for the first time.” I stopped and turned her head so she could look at me. “I’m older than you. You’ve asked for a contract, that although it probably isn’t enforceable in court, it still means something between us. I’m not asking you to be my wife, and I probably never will. You asked to be my sex slave, and this is a sex slave contract.”
“I’m still sure I want this.”
“No. Not yet. I want you to go lay this on the kitchen counter, then I want you to come back and hang your clothes in the hall closet as though you had agreed. I want you to put your shoes away too. Then I want you to come back here, because there are a couple of things you need to see before you decide to sign that contract.”
“Okay. But I’ll still be sure.”
“Not until you’ve seen what I have to show you.”
While Michelle went to do as I’d directed I got the keys to two places in my house that she’d never seen. The first was a locked cabinet in my bedroom, the second a disguised door to a room that I used for very special guests. If Michelle signed the contract she’d be seeing a lot of those places.
When she came back I ordered her to her knees in front of me. “I am about to show you things in my house that you’ve never seen before, and you’ve spent a lot of time here. There is much about me you do not know, that my daughter doesn’t know, and I intend to keep her from knowing. These are things that are important to your decision, because if you decide to sign that contract you will see a lot of these places, and they may frighten you. They should frighten you. They are part of a very dark side of me that you know nothing about, but which will be a major part of your life while you’re here as my slave. Do you understand?”
“I think so.”
“Good. Stand up and put your hands behind you.” She did and I clicked handcuffs onto her wrists. I explained, “Handcuffs have two important uses to me. First, they restrain your freedom by making you a prisoner. Second, and what I like even more, is that.” I paused to tweak her nipples. “Their use behind your back thrusts your breasts up and out which makes them much more accessible for nipple play.”
I led her to the bedroom and had her stand in front of the chest. “I know you’ve seen this chest and noticed that the bottom section is locked, and almost appears to not open.”
“Yes. Master.”
“Here’s the key.” I held it up. “And here’s why it’s kept secured.” I inserted the key, twisted it, and the door fell open and the panel slid out. Arrayed inside were a wide assortment of ropes, paddles, straps, and a multitude of other sexually suggestive toys for use in bondage and discipline scenarios.
“Do you understand what’s in here?”
“I’m not sure. It looks like stuff you’d use to tie someone up, I see paddles and whips too. I suppose you’d use these to tie someone up and beat them?”
“That’s true. In part anyway.” I turned toward the bathroom and pointed. “Have you ever wondered why I have two fairly massive pillars flanking the entry to the master bath?”
“I just thought you liked the way it looked.”
“Oh, I do. But I particularly like the way it looks with a beautiful young woman tied spread-eagled between the pillars. You’ll notice the heavy collars near the top and bottom of the pillars? A rope tied above and below those rings cannot slip down or be forced up. Once you’re tied between those pillars you are suspended there until I untie you.”
I picked up a remote control out of the corner. I pushed the buttons in succession and lowered the rings from the ceiling in several locations. I adjusted the lighting and turned on some music. “You’ll notice that the rings and the cables they are suspended from are very heavy. The motors which raise and lower them are correspondingly heavy duty. I won’t show you today, but there are correspondingly heavy rings set in special places in the floor. Any one of these rings and cables will hold far more than my weight, and any one of the motors will lift you to the ceiling, in any position I should choose. If I were to decide to hang you by your feet, tie your hands to the floor and lift you up and spend hours devouring your pussy. I could do that and you’d be completely helpless.”
Michelle’s eyes widened and she squirmed a little. I continued, “Or I could tie you like that, take one of these paddles and beat you until you begged me to stop.”k
“I’m not sure about that.” Michelle was clearly uncomfortable now. “Would you really do that?”
“Only if necessary.” I assured her.
“Why would it be necessary?”
“If my sex slave broke the Rules badly. That might force me to do something like that.”
A look of comprehension came over Michelle’s face. “Oh. That would be Punishment. Right?”
“Yes. That would be punishment.” I started for the door. “Now, there’s one more thing you must see.”
I opened the door and stepped out onto the landing. There was of course minimal lighting, but I knew that Michelle could see the hoist in its holder on the wall. The view into the room below was deliberately limited and shadowed from here. The metal steps gave the place an eerie and cold feeling, intentionally. I smiled at remembered screams in this place. Michelle stepped forward onto the landing and I closed the door.
“You will notice the sound in here? This wall behind you is sound-proofed. Nothing that goes on in this room can be heard from anywhere else, even in the house, unless that door is left open.” I explained. “Let’s go down there.”
I took Michelle’s arm and helped her down the steps. She looked at the chain running to the landing. “What’s the chain and hooks for?”
“Someone may be tied up upstairs and I want them down here. I can hook them up and lower them into this room.”
We reached the foot of the steps and I turned on all the lights. The devices and playthings I kept here jumped out in harsh relief. The main lighting in this room was overly bright and harsh for a reason. Michelle staggered back a step.
I looked at her and saw a mixture of fear, question, and excitement. I knew she didn’t understand much of what she was seeing, but the cross frame on the floor in the center of the room, the chains, hooks, rings, ropes, and other unnamed devices hanging from the walls and ceiling must be almost self-explanatory. She turned and looked at me. “This almost looks like a torture chamber.”
“It almost is a torture chamber.” I agreed. “You see, Michelle, I happen to enjoy inflicting pain on people. It gives me sexual pleasure. That’s called “Sadism”. I have some friends who get sexual pleasure from being hurt. That’s called “Masochism”. I also have a couple of sadist friends who don’t have access to a place like this, and sometimes they come here and share their pets, and I let them share my play room. Everyone benefits, and I happen to have the time and money to indulge my peculiar pleasures.”
“But what does this have to do with what we were talking about?”
“Ah, Michelle.” I shook my head. “You recall that I wrote a difference between Discipline and Punishment?”
I watched while she swallowed hard and nodded. “No honey, say it out loud. Say you recall that there is a difference.”
“Yes. Master. I recall a difference between Discipline and Punishment in the rules.”
I smiled. “Good girl. This room is where you’ll usually be brought for punishment. Here you can scream and cry and beg all you want, all that you’ll do is excite me.” I knew I was leering, but I couldn’t help it. The thought of bringing Michelle down here and inflicting pain upon her naked body was exciting me. I knew if she looked she’d see my erection throbbing at just the thought. “Would you like to look more closely?”
Michelle nodded and walked around the room, looking at what hung there. Some things were obvious, a few would need use to explain fully. She made a circuit of the walls then walked to the one pillar in the near center of the room. It was rough finished but made of synthetic concrete so it gave no one splinters. An assortment or rings and hooks gave an almost endless array of attachments. Finally she walked over to the cross. She backed up to it after looking closely.
Michelle looked at me, and some of the fear had been replaced with excitement. “I assume you tie someone to this with their hands and feet on the arms.” She spread her legs open but couldn’t reach the ends of the cross legs on the floor. “Something like this?”
‘Something like that, yes.” I acknowledged. I could see her pussy glistening with fresh moisture. “That device has many uses and has seen many bodies.”
She looked at me and finally noticed my erection. “Happy memories or thinking of me being down here?” She grinned.
“In all honesty, both.” I admitted.
“But only if I sign the contract? Right?”
“There is little chance you will ever see the inside of this room again, unless you sign the contract. Yes.”
Michelle looked thoughtful. “I assume you won’t demonstrate some of the uses today?”
“No. Not today.”
She looked at me again then walked over to me. She leaned against me and pressed my throbbing cock between our bodies. She kissed me gently and tenderly, then looked into my eyes. “Then let’s go back upstairs and put that to good use.”
She swayed up the steps as I watched and turned off the lights. There was a confidence in her step, even with her hands cuffed behind her back. I was certain Michelle had made a decision. That sweet little ass announced it as clearly as if she spoken out loud.
She had to wait on the landing at the top of the steps, of course. I stepped up behind her and she positioned herself so that my cock rested in her hands. I reached around her and opened the door, she held me and led me into the bedroom. I stopped and locked the door. “Where do you keep the keys?” She asked.
“You don’t need to know that. At least not for quite some time, yet.”
“Can I have you again?” She whined. “I made you hard, I’d like to use it again.”
“Yes, but we’re going to try a little discipline first.” I grabbed two lengths of rope from the cabinet. “Step over to the pillar and turn your back to it.”
Michelle smiled and walked over to the bathroom pillar and leaned back against it. “Slide out a half step.” I ordered. I secured the first rope through the handcuff chain and tied it securely to the pillar. “Now step back against the pillar and stand on your toes.”
When she was positioned the way I wanted her I put a loop of the rope around her throat and tied it off above her head. When I was finished I stepped back and admired her tight body stretched against the pillar. “Now, you cannot leave your toes without choking yourself. That is a part of discipline. I’m going to go put the keys away, I’m going to leave you there for a period of time, long enough to be uncomfortable, but not long enough to risk harm to you. But I will judge the time.”
I slipped my hand between her legs and felt the wetness there. I rubbed for a moment then put my fingers in her mouth. “Contemplate on discipline until I return.”
I took ten minutes, not only to put the keys away, but to insure that Michelle had sufficient time for discomfort, although not enough to risk any harm. I checked on her several times, quietly, so that she wouldn’t know. I reentered the bedroom and went to her. “Have you considered discipline?”
She squeaked out, “Yes.”
I untied the rope around her throat and she sagged against the pillar. “Tell me what you’ve learned.”
Michelle swallowed hard. “Discipline starts with self. It’s all really self-discipline in the end. You do what needs done and make yourself do it, no matter how hard it seems.”
“That’s very good. You’ll be good at self-discipline, which means very little discipline will need to be applied from the outside.” I untied and uncuffed her hands, scooped her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I lay her down gently and started massaging the knots in her legs.
“All discipline really comes from within, Michelle. Although some people like to believe you can create discipline through force, or orders, or laws, it really has to come from within the individual. Self-discipline is where all discipline truly starts. You stood there, tied to the pillar, without question or complaint, because I told you to, but even more, because you wanted to please me. Right?”
“Yes, I knew it was what you wanted me to do.”
“And you were correct. And you stayed still until I returned, holding yourself up, even when your legs felt that they couldn’t hold your weight because you wanted to show that you would wait for me.”
I climbed on the bed between her legs and put my face close to her sweet pussy. “Now I’m going to reward your self-discipline.” And I started licking and sucking her. I spent the next two hours making love to Michelle as gently and tenderly as I knew how. I withheld my own pleasure until I was certain that she was fully satisfied. By the time I sheathed myself back inside her sweet tight young pussy she had cum several times. I fucked her slowly and gently at first, letting her enjoy the sensations as I did, riding her through even more orgasms. When I was sure she was fully satisfied I rode her hard and fast, pounding her pussy with my cock, and finally driving myself deep against the opening of her womb, where I emptied my balls with the strongest and most satisfying orgasm I’d had in years. We both collapsed and panted against each other, grinning. When I finished and we’d caught our breath again, I lay down next to her and held her close. She cuddled against me and promptly fell asleep.
I held her gently and watched while she slept. She looked even younger asleep. It was hard to believe someone so young and so beautiful wanted to be naked with me, wanted to be a sexual partner for me. I studied at the swell of her firm breasts, the rise of her little belly, the curve of her hips and the roundness of her firm ass, and felt myself a very fortunate man. I knew she would still accept the job as my assistant and learn my craft while she attended school to get the requisite degrees. We’d talked about that for months, and her parents approved of the arrangements we’d made.
I wasn’t sure she’d accept the contract we’d prepared, but to be honest, after this day, I was hopeful. She woke up slowly, stretched and smiled at me. “That was so wonderful. I’m sorry I fell asleep.”
“You had a big day, you needed the rest.”
“Thank you.” She smiled and looked at the clock. “I need to get showered and get home.”
“I know, I was just thinking I should wake you. Would you like something to eat before you go? I can throw something together while you shower.”
“I hoped you’d shower with me.”
“No. That would make you later than you’ll be now. What would you like to eat?”
Michelle glanced down and grinned.
“No. That’s not on the menu. Next choice.”
After she finally decided and got showered, ate quickly and went home, I reviewed the Contract we’d written. Satisfied, I left it on the counter. Two days later Michelle stopped by after school, stripped her clothes off at the door and hung then in the closet. She stuck her head in my office door and asked me to follow her. She took me to the kitchen, picked up the contract and said, “I’ve decided.” And signed her name. She slid the contract along the counter to me and I signed mine next to hers.
Two weeks later, just three days after her high school graduation, she moved in. Her parents helped unload the truck and stack her things neatly in what had been a spare suite in the house. When the last box was stacked her father turned to me and stuck out his hand. I shook it and he said, “Thanks for giving Michelle the chance to learn from you. We’ve had so much trouble controlling her. You’re a responsible, respectable man and I know you’ll take good care of our daughter.”
“Thank you sir. I’ll do the best I can.”

Michelle and I stood next to each other and waved while her parents drove away. As they got out of sight I looked at her. “They have no idea, do they?”

“Not a clue.” She said as she bounced in the front door. She stopped there with the door open and stripped off her clothes and hung them in the closet. She turned to me, naked, and said, “I’m ready for my first lesson, Master.”

My step daughter 

Introduction:This is merely a fantasy. I don’t even have a daughter…lol

I have been married to my wife for 25 years. She was my high school sweetheart and is the mother of my children. We have 2 together.Mark, our oldest is 20 and has moved away to go to school on a lacrosse scholarship. Bethany is 18 and getting ready to graduate from high school. She will be attending a university in the fall on a soccer scholarship. I am very proud of my kids and what they are turning out to be.
Bethany started developing around the age of 14. She was in that awkward stage of adolescence for what seemed like forever. She had mosquito bites for breast, but a firm round ass. Her hair was shoulder length and blond. She was always in great shape from playing sports and was always tan from about mid-May through September.
I was always very open with my children. They both knew that they could come to me for anything, at any time. I would get up and go, when ever they called, to get them from a bad situation, or if they had been at a party and gotten drunk. I was also the one that had ‘the talk’ with both of them. It was not out of the ordinary for either of my kids to come into the bathroom while I was showering or shaving. Nudity in our house was not seen as something to be ashamed of. But it was also very well known that private lives and public lives had to remain separate. They knew to respect me and follow my rules, and as a reward for being well behaved, they were allowed more freedom than most kids their age. They both knew the dangers of premarital sex, STDs and the sorts. It was my job as a parent to do my best to teach them right from wrong and hope that they made wise decisions. My kids told me everything that was going on in their lives, from sports and school to friendships and relationships.
By the time that Bethany had turned 16 she was a knock out. She still kept her natural blond hair shoulder length. She had blue eyes that would cut through your soul and her ass had filled in more. Her breasts, too, had grown from two little mosquito bites to very perky and firm C-cup. At 16, she weighed no more than 100 pounds, dripping wet. She was very fit and attractive, and she knew it.
It was one Saturday afternoon in April. She had not been 16 long. My wife was at work so it was up to me to make sure Bethany got to soccer practice on time. I had the day planned out. We would go to her practice, then from there I would take her to a nice lunch for some quality father daughter time. After lunch I would take her home, tell her to get cleaned up for a surprise. That surprise was going to be a new car, of her choice.
When her practice was over she ran up to my truck and got in. I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch.
“Dairy Queen please!” she said. She always loved going there and getting a blizzard.

“OK! Buckle up.”
We walked into the restaurant, ordered our food and ice cream and sat in the corner booth, away from the rest of the people.
“So, tell me what has been going on in your life lately.” I said.

“Well, you know Lucas right, my ex-boyfriend?”

“Your ex?” I questioned “I thought the two of you were dating, you seemed to really like him.”

“Eh” she said as she shrugged her shoulders. “I thought I did until last Friday night.”

“Go on, what happened.” I said concerned. I knew that it was inevitable that both of my kids would have broken hearts at some point, but the thought of some dirt bag teenage boy breaking my baby girl’s heart infuriated me. She could tell.
“Relax daddy, let me tell you.” She said, in her normal soothing manner. “Last Friday night we were all hanging out at Riley’s house.” she started to explain.
Riley was exactly one month older than Bethany. She had an older brother that was 6 months younger than Mark. Her family lived on the same street as us since our kids were all born. My wife and I were very good friends with her parents, the kids were practically inseparable.
“Lucas came over to hang out with us,” she continued “And we were having a great time. We were dancing around like idiots to 80’s music, playing spin the bottle and truth or dare.”

“Sounds like a good time.” I said

“Yes it was. That is until Lucas took spin the bottle a little too far.” She looked around the Dairy Queen, “Can we get in the truck and drive around so we can talk more in private?”

“Sure thing.”
After we got out of the parking lot I started the conversation back up.
“What did you mean by he took it too far?”

“Well at first when he would kiss me, he would put his hands on my breast, on top of my shirt. No big deal right? Then he would work his hand up my shirt. Still ok with me. Then he got gutsy and worked his hand inside my bra. I was a little uncomfortable with it, but I let it go because I was worried he would break up with me if I stopped him. Besides, other than me and Riley, the rest of our girlfriends have at least had oral sex, some have gone all the way. I let him play with my boobs, hoping to fit in.”

“Baby girl, don’t ever compromise your comfort for what other people think. You do what you feel right. You go as far as you are comfortable with. You know the dangers, we have had this conversation. If you need me to take you to the doctor to get on birth con..” she stopped me mid-sentence.

“Daddy, let me finish first.”


“After we finished playing the games, we all sat in the basement to watch a movie. We had cut the lights off and Lucas and I were sharing a blanket. After everyone settled in to watch the movie, Lucas started to rub my leg. With each pass of his hand, he got higher and higher until we was lightly brushing my….privates. I did not stop him because again, I was nervous that he would break up with me. Also, it kinda felt funny, but in a good way. After he continued that for a few more minutes he changed hands and reached over to my inner thigh. I was really starting to get uncomfortable, so I told him to stop. He kept begging and persisting. He rubbed his hand further up my shorts and tried to get his fingers into my panties. I told him to stop again. He kept on and kept on. Finally I got up and sat on the floor next to Riley. Lucas got up and left. He texted me about 20 minutes later and said that if I was not gonna put out for him, I was not worth his time. So I told him to fuck off, I have more self-respect than to give myself to the first swinging dick that wants me. Sorry for my language daddy, but that is what happened. And I wanted you to know that. I don’t keep anything from you, but please don’t tell mom.”
I took a second and just admired my daughter. She was so beautiful and so innocent, but she was also good hearted and very smart. I was proud of her.
“First of all, Bethany, don’t apologize for your language. I don’t care if you cuss, just be lady-like in front of other adults, your mother included. Secondly, I am so very proud of you for standing your ground and not letting Lucas touch you where you did not want to be touched. You are a special girl and are worth more than just an easy lay for a guy. I am not telling you to wait until you are married, that is unrealistic, but I am telling you to wait until you are absolutely sure and ready before you spread your legs. Lastly, baby girl, I am glad that you are comfortable enough with me to tell me these things. It makes me happy that you are so open and willing to talk to me. I am here for you, for anything, any time. And your secrets are always safe with me. I love you.”
“I love you too daddy. But I want to correct you on something.”

“Whats that?”

“Well, it is not that I did not WANT to be touched, because I did, I DO. I just did not want him to be the one to touch me. I want to be touched by someone that I know loves me, not just some guy that is looking to get laid.”

“That is very admirable, darling. Just be patient, that guy will come along. And when he does, take my word for it, you will be most happy that you waited.”
I pulled the truck into a parking spot at a near-by park. It was a warm day so I rolled the windows down and shut off the engine. After a few moments of silence, Bethany spoke up.

“Yes baby?”

“I know someone now who loves me, who is very handsome and who, I am sure, would touch me like no one else in the world could. This guy is the only guy that I would ever want touching me.”

“Well tell me, who is it? Why don’t you try to talk to him and let him know how you feel. Take things slowly and see where it goes?”

“Daddy, that guy is….” there was a long, nervous pause “..You.”
I was baffled. Admittedly I was turned on, but I knew that this is a line that I could not cross.
“Wow, I-I’m flattered baby. But surely you are not serious…”

“Yes Daddy, I am. I have heard the way you make mom moan in the bed. I have spied on you two having sex and can see that you know how to please the woman you love. I don’t need to put on my make up in the bathroom when you are in the shower, but I love watching you through the shower doors. I want you to be the first to touch me to be my first everything.”

“Bethany. You know that’s not possible.”

“Why daddy? Am I not pretty enough?” she got teary-eyed.

“No baby, just the opposite. You are stunning. You are very, very attractive.”

“So whats the problem?”

“Well for starters you are only 16, family or not, if someone finds out about it, I would go to jail. Secondly, you are my daughter, incest is illegal. Bethany, if I could do it and get away with it, I would. But risking my freedom, risking losing you and Mark and your mother, its not worth it.”
I could see the disappointment in her eyes. She looked crushed. She just sat in the passenger seat of my truck and stared down at her feet.
“Bethany, you do understand where I am coming from don’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes daddy, but I just want you to be the one. The thought of allowing anyone else to touch me is weird. I don’t think I will be able to fully give myself to anyone until I have fully given myself to you.”
I thought for a few seconds. I stared at my beautiful daughter. She was sexy as hell, even if she was my stepdaughter. The thought of being her first had my cock semi-hard in my shorts. I had an idea…
“Bethany, I will tell you what. If you promise me that you will remain a virgin, untouched until you are 18, I promise to be your first once you are ‘of age.'”

“Ahh… ok dad, but that is so long from now.”

“Its only 2 years baby. And you never know, you may find a guy that knocks your socks off by then.”

“Doubt that. But ok, you have a deal.”
I thought to myself, “Whew, dodged a bullet there!” I was sure that by the time she was 18, she would have forgotten about the deal.
The next 2 years seemed to fly by. Her visits to the bathroom while I was showering went from her putting on make up to her sitting on the toilet and talking to me. When it was just the two of us, she would walk around in next to nothing. Sometimes she would be in a sports bra and thong. Sometimes it would be a waist length t-shirt, with obviously teased, hard nipples poking through and no panties. There were a few times she would walk around topless and once or twice she called me into her room when she was naked.
On the weekends, when my wife would be out shopping or at work, Bethany would come and sit on my lap, knowingly tease me, then giggle and leave. When she would hug me, her hugs became tighter and lingered longer. In public, she still kissed me on the cheek, but when we were behind closed doors, she insisted on kissing on the lips. Never with tongue though.
Over those two years we still had our normal conversations. She told me all about the guys that wanted to date her, sleep with her or fool around. She told me that her standard answer was “No. I need to concentrate on soccer and school work. I don’t have time for boys.”
She had also told me that her and Riley had made a promise to each other to stay pure. They did not want boys and sex to ruin their friendship. They were practically sisters and kept each other accountable.
I was so proud of her, but worried that I was actually going to have to live up to my end of the deal. I was definitely turned on thinking about sleeping with my hot stepdaughter, but felt dirty, a dad should not think that way.
Bethany’s 18th birthday fell on a Friday. I was expecting that she was going to want to have a big party with her teammates and friends. When my wife and I asked her what she wanted to do for her big day, she said that she just wanted Riley to come over for the night, and all of us go out for dinner. Mark was out of town helping with a Lacrosse camp for kids, so My wife and I took Bethany and Riley out to a very nice supper.
Both of the girls were dressed in short little dresses, but were still very modest in nature. Those two girls knew how to dress sexy without looking like whores. Their make up and hair was all done. Riley had a bit of a bigger frame and thicker build than Bethany. She had D-cups, a very firm and full ass, jet black hair and hazel eyes. She weighed probably 125 pounds but was very fit and in shape. Her skin was naturally darker than Bethany’s and she was very tan to boot.
After supper, we all got in the truck to head home, the girls laughing, giggling and whispering in the back seat. On the ride Bethany spoke up, “Daddy?”
“Yes baby?”

“Do you think you could stop and buy me and Riley some beer? We promise that we won’t leave the house or have anyone else over.”
I looked at my wife. She just shrugged her shoulders as if to say it was ok with her.
“Sure baby girl. What kind do you all want?”

“Blue Moon?”

“Ah..that’s my girl!”
I stopped and got enough beer for the two girls and myself and a bottle of Moscato for my wife.
After returning home, the girls went upstairs to change, I fixed 3 Blue Moons and a glass of wine for my wife. We all sat down in the family room to watch a movie. Before the movie started my wife asked the girls what plans they had for Saturday.
“I am hoping to sleep late and then just kinda hang out all day and chill. What do you think Riley.” Bethany said.

“That sounds like a plan! Its been too long since I have had a lazy Saturday!”

“Why Mom, do you want to do something?”

“Well, I have some work to do in the morning and then the girls are talking about going to Seaville for shopping and dinner. But if you wanted to hang out, I would put them off.”

“No mom, you go, have fun. We’re just gonna lounge around all day.”
The wine my wife was drinking kind of snuck up on her. About half way through the movie she announced that she was drunk and needed to go to bed. She asked me to help her up the stairs to the bedroom. I told the girls to keep watching the movie and I would be back down to join them shortly. They all said their good nights to each other and my wife and I headed for the room.
We had not even gotten all the way into the doorway of our room when my wife suddenly turned around, dropped to her knees and pulled my zipper down. Within a matter of seconds she had my cock out of my pants and her mouth on it. I wanted her to stop long enough to get into the room, but I did not want her to stop since she hardly ever blows me.
“Honey, we need to get in enough to close the door. If they come around the steps they are gonna see.”

“Shut up. They are adults. I want to suck your cock before I go to sleep.”
The chance of getting caught by my daughter and her hot friend was exciting. I placed my hands on the back of my wife’s head and started to face fuck her while she was sucking me. My wife has never been great at giving head, but there have been times, like that night, when she was drunk enough to be lose, but still sober enough to have her wits, that she would suck me like no other. I let my moans escape my mouth. Loud enough for us to hear, and hopefully the girls to faintly hear, but not so loud that it was obvious. I could hear the girls downstairs moving around and giggling. I looked down at my wife who had her eyes closed, her right hand on my shaft and her left on my balls. She was making love to my cock with her mouth.
I heard footsteps and noticed that one of the girls was heading toward the kitchen. I heard them pop a few tops to pour more Blue Moons. My wife never stopped sucking. Then I heard the footsteps come towards the steps, down the hallway. I panicked and tried to pull out, but my wife put both of her hands on my ass and held me firmly in her mouth. The feeling was intense. My wife continued her cock sucking frenzy, only with a faster pace. She wanted my cum, and she wanted it now. My wife has never let me cum in her mouth before, but she was gonna get that if she continued.
“Hey Mr. D?” Riley called out.

“Yeah?” I replied, trying to sound normal.

“You coming back down or what?”
It was that one moment when I busted. I shot 3 immediate strings of cum into my wife’s mouth.
“Uh-HUH!” I replied back

“OK cool, because I just poured you another beer.”
I shot 4 more smaller loads into my wife’s mouth and on her face and chest as she continued to suck and stroke me while I was talking to Riley.
“Go back down and hang with the girls, Honey.” my wife said, “Thank you for filling me up before bed. I needed that.”
Once I got myself put back together, I went back downstairs. I saw Bethany and Riley snuggled up under the same blanket. They were laughing when I sat down and grabbed my beer.
“What’s so funny?” I asked, concerned that they heard us upstairs.

“It has been a long time since we have been drunk together dad. We are just talking about memories. That’s all.”

“Oh, OK.”
By the time the movie was over, the two girls were pretty drunk. I was feeling tipsy as well. I told them that I was going to go to bed.
“Can you help me up the steps Mr. D? I don’t think I can walk that well.”

“Sure thing Riley.” I said as I put out my hand to help her up.

“Come back and get me daddy!”

“OK, I will.”
I helped Riley keep her balance going up the steps by placing one arm around her waist and the other on her arm. I stayed a step behind her. When we got to Bethany’s room Riley turned around and said “Thanks Mr. D.!” and gave me a hug.
It certainly was not the first hug I had gotten from her since I had seen her grow up, but it was the first one where she held so tightly. I could feel her erect nipples pressing against my chest and she seemed to be trying to press her entire body against mine.
“You’re welcome darling. Now sleep well.” I said as I pulled away.
I went back down stairs to help Bethany get to bed. She was not as drunk as her friend, but still tipsy. “Will you hang out with us tomorrow daddy?” she asked as she put her arm around me to start walking.
“Of course I will baby, what do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know. We just like having you around.”

“I like hanging out with you all, you’re fun!”
When we got to her room, I turned her around to give her a hug. She, too, leaned into me as Riley had. Holding my daughter like this had become somewhat normal over the last two years. I looked down, kissed her on the lips told her I loved her and good night.
The next morning I woke up with my wife. We ate breakfast together and then she left for work and for a girls day full of shopping and eating out. After she was gone, I went up to take a shower.
When I reached the top of the steps, I went towards Bethany’s room. The door was shut, so I put my ear up to it to see if they were stirring. I heard nothing, and assumed that they were both sleeping off the night before.
I went into the bathroom, stripped off my athletic shorts and got in the shower. I had been in there probably 10 minutes when the door opened. It was Bethany, she was wearing a tank top and thong panties. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail.
“Morning daddy!”

“Morning baby, how’d you sleep?”

“Really good!” She said as she pulled her thong down and sat on the toilet to pee. “Ahh I had to piss so bad.
It was the first time she had ever peed in front of me. Even though I did not actually see her peeing, I knew she was, and something about it was oddly a turn on.
“Why did you come in here to pee baby?”

“Riley is still asleep. Besides, you know that any chance I get to come in here when you are in the shower I do.”

“Oh Ok, well we just need to be careful. Do you girls want breakfast?”

“Uh, not right now, daddy. I’m gonna go back in there and lay down until she wakes up.”

“OK baby. I will check on you in a little while. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure will.”
Bethany kicked her thong all the way off, bent over to pick it up and then stood up to leave. As she walked towards the shower, I could see through the door that her pussy was completely shaved. Over the last 2 years I had seen her with many different hair styles down there, from full bush to landing strip, but never before had I seen her pussy shaved. It looked fantastic. But, as quickly as I had dirty thoughts of her, I pushed them out of my mind. She left, pulled the bathroom door closed and went back to her room.
I got out of the shower and started drying off. I tried to push the image of my cleanly shaven daughter out of my mind, but it was stuck. My cock started to swell at the sight and thought of her standing bottomless in front of me. I put on some clean mesh shorts and sat down in front of the TV in my bedroom for a few minutes.
I was in the middle of watching some sports highlights when I thought I heard some whispering coming from Bethany’s room.
“Ah, They both must be awake now.” I said to myself as I got up from the chair and started towards her room.
When I got to her door, it was partially open. It is customary for me to poke my head in just to check on her, so I thought nothing of it. I pushed her door open and what met my eyes was nothing short of glorious.
There, laying on top of the covers of my daughter’s bed was Riley, completely naked. Next to her was Bethany, just as naked, with Riley’s right tit in her mouth. There are a few things about Riley’s naked body that caught my attention. First of all her D sized tits were more firm and upright than you would expect from tits that big. Secondly her skin was very, very tan, but there were no tan lines whatsoever. But the most intriguing thing was that her pussy was almost just as bald as my daughter’s. The only hair that she had was jet black and extended about 2 inches straight up from the top of her slit. Her landing strip was perfectly lined and no thicker than a bold permanent marker. The sight was so hot that my cock started to rise. I did not want to bother them, but I did feel guilty for standing there watching them when they did not know I was there.
“Good morning, what are you girls doing?”
Riley jumped, she looked as if she was terrified. She struggled to get the blankets to cover her body and her beat red, embarrassed face.
“Hey daddy,” Bethany said. “We talked last night and decided that since neither of us have any experience sexually, we would explore each other’s bodies. I mean we have seen plenty of porn on the computer but we want to be prepared the first time we do have relations with someone.”

“That sounds good baby girl. I will leave you two alone. I will be downstairs if you need anything.”

“OK.” Bethany said.

“But before I go, Riley, please look at me.”
She peeked her face out from under the covers, clearly mortified that I had seen her completely naked.
“You have no reason to be ashamed. You are a beautiful girl. You have a great body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Bethany will tell you, nudity around this house is not something we frown upon. As a family as a whole, we all regularly walk around in whatever we are comfortable in. When it is just me and Bethany, she is usually pretty close to naked. So, that said, when I am the only parent here, walk around in whatever you want, or naked if you want. This is your home away from home, so be yourself. I would be careful around Mrs. D. though, she may not want you flaunting your sexiness in front of me. Cool?”

“Yes, Mr. D.” Riley replied obviously more relaxed.

“Now, you two have fun. Just holler for me if you need anything.”

“Ok daddy!” Bethany said as she leaned back over to Riley’s right tit to resume sucking.
I left Bethany’s room and headed downstairs to watch some more highlights, although I must admit, my mind was not on the games, it was on what was going on with my sexy daughter and her hot, best friend.
It was probably only 20 minutes that had gone by, but it seemed much longer. I had gotten lost in my thoughts with the occasional baseball highlight in between.
“Daddy!” Bethany yelled from her room.


“Can you come up here for a minute?”

“Sure thing.” I replied, not knowing what I was walking into.
When I got to Bethany’s room, they were both still lying naked on her bed. Riley was visibly more relaxed and their arms and legs were both intertwined. The room was full of the sweet scent of two young, virgin pussies. They were both visibly wet between their legs and both of their faces were flush.
“What can I do for you?”

“Well we have kissed and made out, sucked on each others tits and played with each others clits. We agreed that we did not want to put our fingers in, we want the first thing to penetrate us to be a penis. So, what else is there for us to do?”

“Well, have you all tried oral?”

“We talked about it, but neither of us know what to do.”

“All there is to it is to do it, If you go down on Riley, she will tell you what feels good and what doesn’t.”

“Yeah, but I learn better by watching, dad. Do you think you can go down on her to show me how to do it?”

“Bethany!” Riley yelled.

“Its ok Ri, my dad will be gentle and won’t tell anyone.” Bethany said.
I thought about it for a few seconds. I knew that if I crossed the line, there would be no coming back.
“Riley, will you be ok with me going down on you? I promise not to hurt you and I will stop whenever you say.”

“Yeah, that is cool Mr. D. Just remember, no penetration with your fingers.”
So I got on the bed, in between Riley’s legs, with Bethany to her right side. I started kissing up Riley’s legs rubbing my hands up her thighs to her tummy and up to her tits. When I reached her pussy, I took in a deep breath to smell her sweet scent. I began to kiss and lick around her outer folds, pressing my tongue in deeper with each pass. Her breathing started to get heavy, her hips instinctively started to grind against my face. I slowly started to bring my hands down from her D-cup tits to her tummy and down to her puss. I spread her lips apart, revealing her wetness and swelling clit. I started to massage her clit with my right index finger as I licked her down to the entrance of her virgin pussy. She started to moan as I brought my tongue slowly back up to her clit. I flicked my tongue across her clit several times before I closed my lips around it and started to suck on it. I felt her hands on the back of my head.
“Oh Mr. D. that feels so good… Oh yes, Oh my God!”
I looked up and saw Bethany staring at me, watching my every move. She had her right hand on Riley’s tits, pulling on and playing with her nipples. Her left hand was on her own tits, tweaking her own nipples. I moved my hands under Riley’s hips, allowing her pussy lips to close around my mouth. I began to make out with her cunt. I licked and sucked all of her from her virgin fuck hole to her clit. I moved my face up and down, back and fourth. I tasted every bit of her most sacred, private area. I picked up my pace, allowing her to buck her hips against me. Her moans became louder, her breaths shorter and more shallow. I could tell that she was on the verge of her first ever orgasm, so I slowed down. I could sense the frustration building. I looked up from Riley’s pussy to my daughter.
“Bethany, I want you to be the one to give Riley her first orgasm. You need to be the one to do it.” I said as I put my fingers on Riley’s clit to keep her primed and ready.

“OK daddy, but I am still not sure I know what to do.”

“Baby, just go down and start kissing and making out with her pussy. She knows what feels good, she will tell you.”

“I know, but I have an idea.” Bethany said, with a lustful look in her eyes, “How about you go down on me, and I will do to Riley what you are doing to me.”

“Uh, Bethany, I don’t think that is such a good idea.”

“Don’t worry daddy, Riley knows about our deal.” she said as she winked at Riley.

“Um, OK… lay on your side with your face in her pussy.”
Bethany did as I instructed and laid on her right side with her left leg bent at the knee to give me ample access to her clean shaven, virgin and very wet pussy. My heart was racing as I ran my hands up my daughter legs. I was touching her in a sexual way for the first time. It felt incredible, it felt right. I started to kiss up her thighs and noticed that she was doing the same to Riley.
I took my time with my daughter. I wanted her to feel the passion, and show the same passion to Riley. I started to massage her smooth cunt with my hand as I was licking around her upper, inner thighs. With each circular motion of my hand on her pussy I applied more pressure, finally pushing her lips apart to allow my fingers to gracefully touch her clit. About the time I started to put pressure on her clit, I could hear the two girls moan in unison. I knew that my daughter was doing exactly to Riley what I was doing to her.
After several moments of playing with her clit and teasing the rest of her cunt with my tongue, I slowly started to lick on her clit before licking down to her virgin entrance. She rocked her hips towards my face and I put my right hand under her left, propped up leg and on her ass. I held constant pressure on her ass, helping her grind her pussy into my mouth. I closed my lips around her clit, giving it a little nibble with my teeth and started to suck.
My daughter’s pussy tasted fantastic, better than Riley’s. Perhaps that is because it was my daughter, but I was pleased. I continued making out with her pussy, forgetting that there was even anyone else in the room with us. I could hear her muffled moans escaping Riley’s legs. Riley, in turn, moaned loudly letting me know that my daughter was pleasing her.
I got so lost in eating my daughter out that I instinctively pulled her over on my face. I was now on my back, my daughter was doggy style over my face with her mouth firmly planted in Riley’s pussy. I pulled her hips down and started to furiously lick, suck, kiss and nibble on every part of my daughter’s cunt. My cock was rock hard, tenting obviously in my shorts.
“Oh Bethany, this feels so fucking good! Please don’t stop.” Riley cried out.
Bethany lifted her head for just a second, allowing her pussy to bear down on my face even harder.
“Oh daddy, you are such a good teeeacher!” She moaned before going back down on her friend.
I had my hands on Bethany’s ass lightly playing with her asshole as I continued working to bring my daughter to her very first climax. Her hips started to buck as she was learning to ride my face. I laid my head still, just working my tongue and mouth as she started to rock on my face faster and faster.
Riley’s moans were getting louder, Bethany’s moans, although still muffled, were audibly louder.
At about the same time, Bethany put all her weight down on my face. She stopped rocking. Her body began twitching and my mouth was suddenly flooded with my daughter’s sweet nectar. Her twitching was obviously uncontrollable, her hips started bucking hard. I could hear her screaming into Riley’s cunt, Riley was thrashing on the bed.
When I was a younger man I was always fascinated by women squirting. Early on in my marriage I had an affair with a woman who was a squirter. It was such a turn on and ever since then I always tried to make my wife squirt, to no avail. I was very pleased to learn that my daughter was a squirter.
After both of the girls settled down, I sat up from between my daughter’s legs. I let her fall over on to her best friend, now female lover. My daughter’s sweet pussy was smeared all over my face, dripping from my goatee and tasted fantastic in my mouth.
“I hope you girls enjoyed your lesson.”

“We did daddy!”

“Yes Mr. D. Thank you!”

“No problem.”

“It looks like you enjoyed it too, daddy.” Bethany commented, motioning toward the tent in my mesh shorts. My 6 inch cock was fully hard, fighting for relief from the confines of my shorts.
“Yes I did! Now, I am going to go in here, rub one out and let you two relax and hang out.”

“Well, Daddy, neither one of us knows how to give a good blow job. Maybe you could teach us and we can help you cum.”
I thought “well I have already come this far, why stop now.”
“OK, you two get on your knees in front of me.”
They both slid off the bed, Riley got on her knees to my left, Bethany to my right.
“Riley, with your right hand, Bethany your left, reach up and pull my shorts down.”
They complied. Riley instinctively put her hand on my shaft and started stroking, slowly. Her soft 18 year old hand on my cock felt magical. The lust in my daughter’s eyes, as she looked up to me was incredible.
“I am ready to do this daddy, to learn how to give a good blow job, to please you… but only under one condition.” Bethany said.

“What’s that?”

“Well, when you are ready to cum, I want you to give it to me. I want to taste and feel your cum first. I will share it with Riley, if she wants, but I want it first.”

“Good with me.”

“Yeah, me too!” Riley said.
Riley continued slowly stroking my aching cock with her hand. Her grip was perfect. Not too tight, but tight enough to feel intense.
“OK, Bethany, I want you to have the first taste of my cock.” I said as I put my right hand behind her head. “Open your mouth.”
Riley let go of my cock, and I aimed it towards my daughter’s waiting mouth. She raised her hand to my shaft and wrapped her fingers around it. It was the first time my daughter had touched my cock, besides teasing me when sitting on my lap. She opened her mouth and guided my cock into it. She let her lips close around it and started bobbing her head and stroking my cock.
“Ah baby, that feels nice. Just watch your teeth. Yeah thats it, now, let your tongue slide across the bottom while you are sucking. Yes baby, just like that. Work your tongue. Oh my baby…you are a great learner. This is something your mother rarely ever does for me.”
As my daughter was sucking my cock, RIley watched intently. And without any prompting from me she reached her right hand down between her own legs and started to fondle her pussy. I watched as, with her left hand, she reached down to Bethany’s cunt and started rubbing her clit. Low moans started to escape my daughter’s mouth, around my cock as she started to grind on Riley’s hand.
“OK baby, I want you to take my cock out of your mouth, continue to stroke it slowly while you lick and suck up and down my shaft. Oh yes, like that. Play with and suck on my balls too.”
She followed my instructions and did this for several moments before opening her mouth to resume sucking. All the time, she never took her hand off my cock and Riley never took her hands from her own or my daughter’s pussies.
“OK baby, I want you to take your hand off my shaft, open your mouth as wide as you can and take my cock as far in your mouth and throat as you can, don’t worry about gagging or drooling, it is all part of it. I will help you go as far as you can.”

“MMM ok daddy.”
Bethany proceeded to do as I told her. She relaxed her jaw and opened her mouth as wide as she could, she placed both hands on my ass and pulled her face into me. I had my hands on the back of her head to encourage her to go deeper. Her lips were now pressed all the way to my pubes, and I continued to push on her head. She did not resist at all, and was doing a great job of fighting her gag reflex. I bucked my hips, driving my rod deeper into her throat. She coughed a little around my cock and pulled back. She replaced her hand on my shaft and leaned in to suck and lick a few quick times before she stopped.
“OK Riley, I want you to taste my daddy’s delicious cock. Are you ready?” Bethany asked of her friend, who was still playing with both pussies.

“Yes. I am!” Riley replied eagerly.
I turned my hips, pointing my cock, wet with my daughter’s mouth, at Riley.
“I want you to do the same things I had Bethany do.”

“Yes Mr. D.”
Riley took her hands from her own, and my daughter’s cunts and put one hand on my shaft. Without instruction, Bethany replaced her hands where Riley’s had just been. A low moan escaped Riley’s mouth as my daughter parted her pussy lips and started to massage her clit. Slowly stroking my cock and moaning, Riley opened her mouth and fed my stiff rod in. She looked up at me, with my cock in her mouth, her hazel eyes full of lust and passion, as I tenderly brushed some of her jet black hair out of her face before letting my hand come to a rest on the back of her head.
Riley started bobbing her head and working her tongue just as she had seen Bethany do. She was stroking my cock with her right hand and playing with my balls with her left. I rocked my hips forward to fuck her face some, but gently. She was doing a fantastic job, sucking and stroking at just the right pace. She was using her tongue expertly well.
She pulled her head back, letting my cock escape. She pulled it up and licked and sucked all around it, from the base of my shaft up to my head, just as I had instructed Bethany to. She then licked and sucked on my balls as she was stroking me.
“How am I doing Mr. D.?

“You are doing fantastic Riley! Do you want to deep throat me like I had Bethany do?”

“Please…” she was practically begging.

“OK, open wide and give it a go.”
She did what she saw my daughter do, placed her hands on my ass and pulled her face into it. Her jaw was not as relaxed as Bethany’s had been, so she did not initially go as deep as my daughter, so I placed both hands on the back of her head and pushed my dick as far as I could. I felt her warm wet lips press against my pubes which sent a rush of passion through me. I pulled her even deeper as I thrust up into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged. She tried to fight it but she gagged. I allowed her to pull of to catch her breath, but before I knew it, she was deep throating and gagging on me again. Finally with some drool dripping from her chin and tears forming on her cheeks she pulled back.
“Good job. Now, I want the two of you to share me. Kiss and make out around my cock. Feed my cock to each other. Stroke me, suck me. I want you two to also play with each other, make each other feel good while you are pleasing me.”
The girls turned to face each other. Riley pointed my dick at Bethany who took it into her mouth. She bobbed on it a few times before letting it escape. Riley then leaned in and started to kiss and tongue my daughter around my cock. I was in heaven watching these two teen girls, one of which is my daughter, sucking my cock.
After kissing and making out around it, Riley took it back into her mouth to suck some more. The girls had their hands in each other’s crotch, they were both moaning and gyrating. Bethany leaned over to suck on Riley’s tit. She then sat back up and for the next 5 or 10 minutes the girls frantically kissed, made out, licked, sucked and stroked my cock. I was getting close to my point of explosion.
“Bethany, are you ready to taste your daddy’s cum?”

“Yes, YES!” she cooed as she turned herself to me, seemingly cutting Riley off from any further contact with me.
She took my cock into her mouth and continued sucking. She had one hand on my ass, the other on my shaft and was sucking as fast and hungrily as she could. Riley’s hand was still working my daughter’s clit, and she leaned over to suck on her tits.
Bethany was sucking and stroking my cock like it was a drug that she was withdrawing from. She was doing better on her first time than her mother ever had, in 25 years.
“Oh baby, I am about to cum!”
She kept sucking and stroking until I shot 2 strings of cum into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off but kept stroking me, allowing me to shoot 4 shots of my love seed on her face, neck and chest. She stroked me until I was completely tapped, and then she started to slow down. I could see her swallowing some of my load. Finally she let her hand fall off of my softening cock.
She leaned in to Riley, placed her hand down to her clit and they continued to rub each other while they kissed. Bethany shared my cum with her friend. Riley started to lick around Bethany’s face, neck and chest to get some more to share together. They laid in the floor, next to each other, rubbing each other’s clits and smearing my seed all over their bodies.
I stood there and watched in amazement as my daughter and her friend brought each other to climax while sharing the taste and feel of my cum.
“Thank you girls, for allowing me to teach you today. I am going to leave you two alone now to just enjoy this moment.”
I went back to my room and cleaned myself up a little. I could still taste the girls pussies in my mouth. I was in shock at what had just happened, but I was happy to have been a part of it. I had a feeling that this would not be the last time, certainly with Bethany, but with Riley either.
“Daddy?” Bethany called from my doorway.
I turned around to see both girls, naked, with the gleam of my cum all over them. They each had an arm around each other. Their faces were flush, but glowing with satisfaction.
“Yes baby?

“Are you sure mom won’t be home soon?”

“I will call her.”
I picked up my cell phone and dialed my wife.
“Hello?” my wife said on the other end.

“Hey honey, how’s your day?”

“Good, whats up?”

“The girls were just wondering if you were still going to be gone until after dinner. I think they are finally stirring around enough and want to plan the rest of their day.” I said, standing there naked, in front of my naked daughter and her friend.

“I can come home if they want, but yes that was my plan. It will be after 8 probably.” It was noon now.
“Girls, do you want her to come home?”

“No, tell her to have fun.”
“Did you hear that honey?”


“OK, well we were just checking on you. Love you.”

“Love you too, bye.”
“Daddy, I want to tell you something.” Bethany spoke up, still standing in my doorway with Riley.

“What’s that baby?”

“Well, I know you said that mom does not give you head that often.”


“Well, anytime that you want your cock sucked, you just tell me. I don’t care what time it is. If you wake up in the middle of the night wanting a blow job, sneak to my room and I will suck you off. I love you and I loved doing that for you.”

“Ok. deal.”

“Mr. D.?”

“Yes Riley?”

“Same thing goes. Once Bethany goes off to college I will still be here since I am going to community college for a year. Anytime that you want your cock sucked, call the house, I will be right over to service you. As long as Bethany is ok with it.”

“Oh yeah. I am.” Bethany replied.

“OK, sounds good.”
They stepped into the door way and walked up to me. Riley was the first to look up to me and kiss me. It was a simple, but passionate, loving peck on the lips. Then Bethany turned my head to her. She leaned in for a kiss, and for the first time our tongues met. We kissed and made out passionately while Riley looked on. She pulled away.
“I love you daddy.” and looking at Riley “Our pussies taste good out of his mouth!”

“I love you too baby.”

“Daddy, can we use your shower to get cleaned up?”

“Sure thing!”

“Want to join us? Its big enough.”

The girls got the water running and to the correct temperature. Riley stepped in first, then me, and Bethany last. I was in between the two girls. They each got some soap and gave me some. We all washed each other’s bodies forever, making sure that we covered every inch of each other. Bethany and Riley leaned in to make out in front of me, then I made out with Riley and Bethany separately. We continued this passion until the water started to run cold. We all rinsed off and stepped out. We each helped each other dry off, kissed and made out some more before we left the bathroom.
The girls went into Bethany’s room to get dressed. I followed because I realized that I had left my shorts in there on the floor. The girls continued to make out while they were getting their clothes on. I decided to leave them be and went down stairs.
When they came down, they were wearing the same type of outfit. My daughter was in a white tank top, no bra ( I could see her brown nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt.) And white, lacy, boy short style underwear. I could see her pussy lips through the lace. Riley’s tank top was white as well. She, too, was not wearing a bra. Her panties were different though. They were a shear white, see through thong. I could see the jet black, perfectly lined landing strip pointing directly to her plump pussy lips. Both girls were really tan and the contrast of the white fabric on their skin was exotic.
We spent the rest of the day talking and flirting. Each girl would steal kisses and grabs of my cock when the other was not looking. The girls were sitting on either side of me on the couch, each with a hand on me, slowly stroking my cock. I had my arms around both of them. I was hard, but they were not stroking to make me cum, they were stroking to feel close to me. Bethany leaned over, sucked me into her mouth, gave me some quick kisses and licks, then looked back up to me.
“I can’t wait to be with you completely daddy, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They both continued to play with my cock until Bethany fell asleep on my stomach, her face looking directly at my cock. Riley made sure that she was sound asleep before breaking the silence.
“Mr. D.?” Riley whispered


“Bethany told me I should ask you this, but I was too nervous earlier…”

“What’s that?”

“Well, after you take her virginity, would you be willing to take mine? I have had a crush on you and Mark since I can remember. I want him, but I want you to teach me everything that will make him happy.”

“Well, Yeah. But like you said, after I sleep with Bethany. I don’t want to betray her.”
Riley said nothing more, but started stroking my cock a little faster. It was feeling good, but I did not want to wake Bethany.
“Don’t worry Mr. D. She would be glad to know that I am stroking you. She told me upstairs when we were getting dressed that she did not care what I did with you, as long as I did not go further than the two of you had.”
I told Riley to spit in her hand and continue on. She did as she was told and started to really stroke my cock. I let my hand wander on her body, landing on her tits. My other hand, instinctively, was wandering over my sleeping daughter. Riley’s stroking was feeling fantastic, and I guess between my heavy breathing, my moans and my hand on Bethany, she woke up.
She did not speak a word, she just opened her mouth and let the head of my dick in. She licked and sucked my cock head while Riley continued to stroke me. It did not take me long to cum, and I did with out warning. I shot 3 thick strings of cum into my daughters waiting mouth. She closed her lips around my cock head to make sure she got every bit. Riley continued stroking me until I was completely empty. When I told them I was done, Bethany sat up, looked at Riley, and with a mouthful of cum, kissed her. Deeply. They shared my cum once again until they both swallowed what was in their mouths. The girls then settled down, hands across my chest and fell asleep on my shoulders. I fell asleep sometime later, after realizing the fantastic situation that I was in.

Office hookup

Introduction: A quickly written short story, inspired by the antics of a friend… 

Jamal was slightly resentful that his boss had put him on an entire month of overnight shifts. It seriously inhibited his social life. But his one consolation was working with his lovely coworker, Liza. Only a few other people were in the large four-story building during the night shift, all working in other offices upstairs. A couple of cleaning guys lurked around, too. When nights were slow, as they often were, Jamal and Liza would talk casually about a variety of topics, like books and movies, never anything too serious. Jamal sensed his petite, curvy, friendly — and also married — coworker was flirting with him on occasion. She’d sneak in little touches, like a brush of his arm here or a squeeze on the shoulder there, and Jamal would find ways to reciprocate this touch. Her fingers quickly brushing or rubbing on his skin always brought fast palpitations to his heart and the stiffening of his dick!

It was a typical Tuesday night. Liza breezed through the door, a typical bright grin on her face as she sashayed into the office. She was in her mid-twenties, barely 5ft tall, weighing 120lbs, with a voluptuous hour-glass figure. Her long, wavy, brown hair hung halfway down her back, streaked with blond highlights. She wore a tight-fitting, buttoned-up white shirt, her white D cup bra vaguely visible beneath it. Her ample cleavage peeked out of the shirt, the cross on a silver necklace nestling into the crevice between her glorious tits. A short black skirt clung to her hips and shapely backside. Nude-colored pantyhose and black high heels completed her outfit. Pearly white eye-shadow brought out the green in her blue-green eyes, and she was bronzed from spending days at the pool and beach. 

“Hi Liza,” Jamal said. “Always good to see you,” he said, smiling and meaning it. 

“Hey Jamal,” she said in her slow southern drawl. He loved how sweetly she said his name. 

She patted him on the shoulder and walked onward to her desk. Jamal caught a whiff of her perfume as she passed by, the smell of night blooming flowers. He always had to restrain himself from growing a massive erection when she was around. For the next hour they exchanged random conversation here and there. Liza had worked her way over to Jamal, sitting on his desk with her legs crossed as they discussed some local news. Jamal fought to keep his eyes on hers rather than the gleaming silver cross between those marvelous, heaving tits. Her skirt crept upward while she spoke. He admired her taut thighs, ever struggling to maintain eye contact. His gaze went back to her cleavage as she continued talking in her slow southern drawl. Suddenly she stopped.

“What is it?” she said, looking down to where Jamal was staring. “Oh, oh this?” she said, gesturing at her chest.

“I uh, well, um, uh, I…” Jamal stammered, tearing his gaze away.

“You like it?”

“Huh? Uh, um, yeah…”

“The necklace? I just bought it,” she said with a smile. “Glad you like it.”

“Uh, yeah, sure, sure, I like the necklace,” he nodded, in reality staring at her cleavage and pondering what her nipples looked like beneath her silky white blouse and bra.

Despite his best efforts, Jamal knew his dick was growing in his trousers. He shifted in his chair, trying to hide it. But his bulge was quite large and obvious, as Jamal packed a nearly 11″ meat stick! Liza’s eyes were immediately drawn to it! It brought a throb to her pussy — indeed the sight of his virile prick yearning for her sex turned her on! A wet spot began forming in her pantyhose. He finally looked up at her, embarrassed, his eyes meeting hers. She was lost in his dark, sexy face — the chiseled jaw with a thin strip of dark facial hair, those thick lips, the rich hazel eyes. Then her stare went back to the bulging tent in his pants now pointing right up at her! His cock looked huge, from what she could tell! Her lips parted in awe.

Suddenly she got up off Jamal’s desk, her eyes still on his crotch. She cleared her throat. “Ahem, yes, well then…”

“Yeah,” Jamal said, awkwardly reaching for some folders to cover his bulge.

“Why don’t you meet me in the men’s room in five minutes. If you want,” she said, with a wink. This time her fingers grazed his package as she walked by, making him gasp. Liza gasped, too — at the feeling of the thick shaft in Jamal’s pants!

She quickly left the room and headed down the empty hall to the bathroom, her heels clicking loudly with each determined step. Her heart pounded fast. She’d never cheated on her husband before, but indeed she’d developed a crush on her coworker Jamal over the last few months and she was finally ready to act upon it! Would it be an unrequited lust? She paced in the bathroom, the mirror reflecting a woman practically in heat, she was so eager for cock! The minutes seemed like an eternity. Her breathing slowed, and she began to think he wouldn’t come.  

The bathroom had a couple of shower stalls in it. Liza went over to one, opening the curtain, and then she sat down on the plastic folding shower bench, taking her head in her hands. Her long waves of hair fell over her shoulders. She pondered what she was doing here, had she made a fool of herself? Suddenly the bathroom door swung open. She jerked her head up, her heart skipping a few beats. Jamal stepped inside and looked around. He saw the open curtain and walked over to the shower stall. There she was, sitting there staring up at him and smiling sexily. Jamal couldn’t believe he was doing this — he considered himself a good Christian man. But he couldn’t resist the temptation that was spread out before him. He kept a calm composure, although his own mind and heart were racing. 

Then Liza reached up and began caressing his package through his trousers. Jamal sighed, letting his head fall back at her touch. His erection began growing again. Liza’s eyes widened as his cock sprang to life right in her face — it felt thick as a soda can! Jamal couldn’t help himself. He pulled Liza to her feet and began kissing her passionately. They traded tongues in a heated embrace, her ample tits pressed into his muscular chest, his huge dick stabbing into her thigh with her leg up on the bench. It was the culmination of the pent-up sexual anxiety that had been growing between the two coworkers for weeks now; it was about to reach an explosive head! His hands impatiently unfastened the buttons of her silky shirt, eager to behold the treasures underneath. Beautiful soft tits overflowed from a lacy D cup bra once the shirt was torn off her back. Jamal stood back a moment, appreciating the sight. He then dove in, kissing down her neck to her chest, pulling her breasts free from the bra. 

Each supple orb of flesh was adorned with a dusky rose colored nipple. Jamal eagerly sucked and nibbled each one, making Liza moan softly in his ear. Her breasts overflowed in his hands, so soft and tender. She was enveloped by his warm breath and the heat of his strong body. Her eyes closed, small gasps and moans falling from her parted lips. One of Jamal’s hands ran down her curves to the waistline of her skirt. Liza felt him tug on her zipper, yanking the skirt down and letting it fall to the tiled floor. He kissed a trail from her pillowy tits to her abdomen, making her shiver and break out in goosebumps. She reached a hand out against the shower wall to help keep her balance, letting him savor the smell and feel of her silky skin. Then Jamal laid her onto the bench and started pulling on her pantyhose, slowly peeling them off as if removing wrapping paper from a precious gift. He inhaled the aroma of her sex. Beneath the pantyhose she wore a moist, white lacy thong. Jamal tugged it down her hips to reveal a perfectly bald pussy mound.

His eyes marveled at the plump mound with the little slit between her taut thighs. Jamal parted her legs, opening up the pink petals of her pussy gash. Her cunt flesh glistened in the light, already wet and engorged from her arousal. Jamal shook his head, amazed by the glorious pink pussy he beheld. He got down on his knees and started eating her delicious cunt for all it was worth, noisily slurping up and down from her clit to her asshole and back again, his long fingers poking into her tight pussy and rubbing on her little clit button. Liza tried to stifle her moans. Her heels fell off her feet and to the floor with a loud thud; her toes were curling with ecstasy. Jamal enthusiastically devoured the gash presented before him. His tongue parted her pussy lips; he penetrated her hole with his tongue a few moments, in and out, in and out, and then he ran his tongue all along the rippled flesh of her labia. He savored every morsel of cunt he possibly could.

Liza pulled on her big nipples,gasping, feeling an orgasm growing inside her. But before she could cum, Jamal took his mouth away from her gash and got to his feet. Her pussy sparkled in the light, coated with saliva, her pussy-lips folding back into themselves. Liza watched as he pulled his zipper down and finally unleashed the nearly foot-long monster from his pants! Liza gasped. Her pussy twinged at the sight of the magnificent beast he was packing. It was undoubtedly the biggest cock she’d ever seen — longer and thicker than some people’s forearms! He took his shaft in hand, his large mushroom shaped cockhead an intense purple color. Liza swallowed, her eyes on the giant prick, watching a glob of pre-cum leak out of it. Jamal gave his dick a few pumps and pulled Liza off the bench. He lustfully pushed her up against the tiled shower wall, rubbing his hand over her peach-fuzz covered asscheeks as he stepped up behind her. She was so petite that he could fit an entire asscheek in each of his large hands.

Liza closed her eyes, feeling the cold tile against her nipples. Then she jumped as she felt Jamal’s cock press into her ass from behind. His hands caressed her curves, cupping her breasts and then roving down to her hips. He took her hips in hand, his meat poking into her asscrack. His muscular body closed in on hers, towering over a foot taller than her and weighing over 100lbs more. She swallowed hard, closing her eyes. He kissed her shoulders and the back of her neck, his cockhead now slipping lower, now poking into her slit from behind. Liza moaned softly, the hot cock resting at the entrance to her sex. Jamal braced himself, her hips in hand, reading to plunge deep, deep inside her. 

He wanted to savagely tear into her, diving into her cervix in a single stroke, but he could feel the resistance of her tight cunt as soon as he began pushing his cockhead into her cunt-lips. Liza’s mouth fell open, a whimper falling out. She turned her head over her shoulder, watching Jamal’s massive fuck-stick enter her hole. He gritted his teeth, feeling her tight pussy walls choking the big head of his cock. His knuckles were turning white on her hips with the effort of stuffing his big black prick into that tight pink gash. Liza let out a yelp that echoed throughout the bathroom, the thick meat seeming to rip her apart! His balls were nearly the size of her fists; they jiggled with his fervent efforts. Only his cockhead and an inch of his shaft were inside her now — there was so much more to come! Liza swallowed hard and closed her eyes. She was trying to choke back tears!  

Jamal continued to hold her tightly, again bucking his hips at her. Liza braced herself against the shower wall. Jamal grunted, thrusting a couple more inches of his steel-hard shaft further into her hole. Liza let out another shriek. He stabbed his prick deeper into her gushy walls, her hot sex swallowing his pole. Half his cock was inside her now. He thrust hard again, and she screamed sharply. It was painful, but it was an intensely pleasurable pain! One of Jamal’s hands flew up to cover her mouth. He slowly continued thrusting, now almost completely inside her. She whimpered into his hand. 

Just then the bathroom door swung open. Jamal went still over her back, holding her close. They both looked up and suddenly there was one of the short Asian cleaning men holding his mop with his jaw wide open! Liza gasped. The cleaning man looked down and saw the shaft of this tall, muscular black guy buried inside this petite little white girl, her tits smashed up against the shower. Then the cleaning man nodded and smiled, giving a thumb’s up. He’d heard the screams and just wanted to make sure nobody was getting hurt.

“Tight pussy, haha, tight pussy, big cock,” laughed the cleaning man. “Good for you.”

With that, the little Asian man turned and walked out of the bathroom. Liza looked back at Jamal and giggled. He grinned, then he suddenly slammed himself hard into her. She let out a loud yelp that turned into a moan, her pussy walls now stuffed to the brim with Jamal’s powerful meat. He closed his eyes, sighing, savoring the feeling of her soft, hot flesh enveloping his raging tool. His prickhead seemed to reach into her very core. Then he began thrusting faster, building up a steady pace inside her tight cunt. Rhythmic slapping sounds filled the bathroom, mixed with Liza’s moans and Jamal’s grunts. He kept his hands on her asscheeks, holding onto her tightly as he thrust. 

Jamal fucked her steadily against the shower wall for several minutes. Then, with his hands on her hips and his cock still inside her, he backed up and sat down on the shower bench. Liza’s pussy remained impaled on his pole from behind. He let her bounce up and down on his prick at her leisure, his eyes on her pert asscheeks and the delicate curve in her back, her long hair whipping around as she rode the thick cock. She moaned, pinching her nipples hard. The shower bench creaked beneath their combined weight. Jamal found himself moaning, feeling the tight pussy rising and falling upon his thick shaft. He reached in between her legs, pulling her against his chest, and rubbed circles on her clit.

“Yeah, ughhh, yes, yes, oh shit, oh shit, yes, fuck that’s good, oh my God, so fuckin’ tight…” he grunted in her ear through clenched teeth.  

His hand still on her pussy mound and his dick still inside her, he lifted her off the bench and bent her over to fuck her doggystyle. She was so much smaller than him, he could easily lift her up and move her around. Her tits slapped noisily at her chest with each sharp thrust. Jamal built up a manic pace in her pussy from behind, his balls smacking loudly into her flesh. She could feel his cockhead inside her womb, his prickhead reaching to her cervix. Liza closed her eyes tightly. His fingers reached between her legs, continuing to rub her clit while he hammered her steadily. She held onto the bench tightly to keep her balance, now feeling her entire body tingling, waves of ecstasy now crashing over her. Again and again, Jamal plunged his prick in and out, into her cervix, balls pressed against her, only to nearly pull out and then slam savagely back inside her.

Liza shuddered, feeling her climax breaking, her body nearly collapsing to the floor. Jamal kept his arms around her waist, feeling her body going limp beneath his. She let out a long moan, her eyes shut tightly. Jamal felt her pussy walls spasm around his raging meat and knew she was orgasming. Her pussy convulsed around his shaft, making Jamal moan with her. She panted breathlessly. He held her tightly, knowing his own climax was imminent. Liza’s orgasm subsided with a final gasp. She opened her eyes, her body reduced to a melted puddle of flesh beneath Jamal’s strong frame. Jamal maintained his athletic pace, thrusting his hips steadily, his cock buried balls-deep inside Liza’s womb. His balls were tightening. He slammed into her hard one final time and went still.

She felt his massive shaft pulsate inside her tight hole. Then the hot jets of sperm spurted into Liza’s cervix, Jamal’s nuts unloading a copious amount of semen directly into her womb. Liza gasped — her husband hadn’t cum in her pussy for so long, she’d forgotten all about birth control! Jamal was groaning and clenching her hips tightly now, tossing his head back and bucking hard. His cock couldn’t possibly go any deeper. She closed her eyes, feeling his prick throb and ooze its remaining spurts of cum into her unprotected womb. He was gasping breathlessly in her ear, overcome with his intense climax. It seemed his ejaculation lasted a full minute, his cock throbbing wildly the entire time. His semen filled the entire length of her pussy canal — she felt it sloshing around inside her! 

Jamal’s cock didn’t seem ready to deflate. Because of his odd schedule at work, it’d been a long time since Jamal had been with a woman. Thus he masturbated often and had impressive stamina. He was now hyper-aroused. The overwhelming smell of sex, of Liza’s inseminated womb, pervaded his nostrils. He kissed Liza on the shoulder, his giant tool still raging hard. Liza felt him continue thrusting slowly in and out of her cum-filled hole, surprised that his erection was still going! He kissed her neck and pawed at her soft breasts, then cupped her pussy mound and played with her clitty, gently penetrating her inundated cunt, allowing them both to catch their breath. She put her foot up on the bench, letting him slowly take her from behind at his leisure. It seemed his massive prick only grew harder and stronger!

Then he pulled her aside and sat himself down on the shower bench with her still on his lap, attached to his cock. He let her bounce up and down on his cock from behind again for a few moments, but then he lifted her up and spun her around to face him, his dick never leaving her hole. Liza gasped, straddling his strong waist, impaled upon his raging fuck-stick. Their eyes met in a heated gaze. She bent down and they began trading tongues passionately while he bucked his hips, thrusting up at her inseminated womb, his hands wandering all over her body, feeling every inch of her smooth skin. Liza gyrated on top of him, grinding his meat even deeper into her hole. She moaned into his mouth. Her toes began curling again, and she knew another climax was growing inside her hot pussy! 

Jamal’s cock noisily penetrated Liza’s cunt, his sperm deposit lubricating the length of her hole now. His cum was so deep and her pussy so tight that the semen wasn’t even dripping out of her yet. She gripped his shoulders tightly, her head falling to his chest, her body collapsing upon his. He continued thrusting up into her cunt through her second powerful wave of orgasm. Liza moaned steadily into his ear, never feeling so full before in her life! Jamal moaned with her, keeping up a steady pace. Skin slapped noisily against skin. Her pussy squeezed his cock hard. After she’d finished orgasming, Jamal put his arm around her back and got to his feet, lifting her up. Liza squealed, wrapping her legs around his waist, her fingernails digging into his back. Jamal continued to bounce her up and down on his pole while standing and holding her up. His balls bounced around wildly, slapping loudly at her thighs. 

Liza lifted her face to his while he fucked her, kissing him passionately. He continued bouncing her on his prick and walked a few steps, cock never leaving her hole, until she felt the cool shower wall against her back. With one hand around her waist and the other holding her leg up, Jamal continued hammering her hard while she was up against the wall. He buried his face in her soft, pillowy tits, licking and sucking them as he thrust rampantly. Liza moaned steadily; never before had she felt so completely and utterly fucked! He nailed her up against the wall for a few minutes, then he carried her out of the shower stall and over to the bathroom sink. She leaned over the counter and let him plunge his prick in and out of her cunt from behind while she watched their rutting reflection in the mirror. Both were slick with sweat. Her cheeks were flushed, her long hair tangled, her mascara starting to run. They both watched her tits bounce hypnotically in the reflection. Her lips were parted, his hand pulling her hair back hard with his forceful thrusts.

Jamal drilled her pussy manically until he finally collapsed on her back, pressing her hard into the edge of the sink. His cock throbbed again, shooting more ropes of cum into Liza’s already inundated pussyhole! Liza gasped, feeling the big prick pulsing once more inside her womb. She could feel jets of hot cum adding to his previous load, and she watched his reflection in the mirror as he orgasmed inside her again. His eyes were closed tightly, his neck muscles taut, his mouth agape. He gripped her hips tightly, ejaculating until his balls were totally empty. His eyes opened, the final drop of sperm spurting into her womb, his gaze meeting hers in the mirror. He stayed inside her a minute longer until finally his cock began to deflate.

He pulled his prick from Liza’s tight pussy with a noisy sucking sound. She gasped as the massive fuck-stick was torn from her cunt. It was glazed with semen and pussy juice from cockhead to balls! Liza couldn’t help herself — she squatted down and began licking his cock clean. After his prick was cleaned off, he walked over to the shower, retrieving their clothes. Liza grinned as he pocketed her lacy white thong. She put her shirt and skirt back on, except now her shirt was missing two buttons and she had no underwear on beneath her pantyhose. The cum was finally starting to leak out of her tight pussy as they prepared to leave the bathroom.

Jamal left first, making sure the hall was clear. Liza joined him back at their desks a few minutes later. Their breathing was returning to normal. Jamal shook his head and grinned as Liza walked by and patted him on the shoulder. He caught another whiff of her perfume and shuddered. She settled down at her desk, acting like nothing happened. A few minutes later, she turned to face Jamal. He looked up at her and smiled. She returned his smile, and then he watched as she sat back in her chair, facing him, and spread her thighs open. Underneath her short skirt, he could see the entire crotch of her pantyhose was covered with his semen. His cock twinged.

Suddenly, the night shift just got so much more fun!

My friend stepdad 

Introduction: My step father was so hot…I had to have him! 

It was a hot spring day, almost summer, but not quite. We only had 3 more days of school left, and I would be a Sophomore next year. I couldn’t wait to get a job and start saving money for a car. I made it a personal goal to buy a car before school started, even though I wouldn’t be 16 until October. 

There was only 2 hours of school left, and I was in 5th period Health class. Mr. Robinson, the Health teacher was also the boys football coach. I think every girl in school had a crush on him, but he knew it too. I would catch him looking at everyone’s ass and tits. He didn’t do it real obvious, but everyone knew he did it. My friend Lana and I made it our mission to drive him crazy in class. After 4th period gym class, we would take a shower, and deliberately leave our panties in our gym bags. That particular day, we had on mini skirts. When we saw him looking our way, we would cross our legs, but do it slow and swing our legs extra wide. I know he saw our little hot cunts. I could see the bulge forming in his pants. He was about 6’2″, and had big hands and feet. I figured his cock was pretty big. He was in his middle 30’s, and had his head shaved bald like a lot of black men do. It was so sexy. His smile was absolutely perfect, and it made me melt when he flashed it around. Lana and I would nibble on our pencil erasers and stare at him intently to see if he would look at us. It was all a silly high school game. We knew, as well as Mr. Robinson did, that he could never lay a finger on us. The bell rang, and everyone was gathering their books when he said, “Stacy and Lana, can I speak to you two for a minute?” We looked at each other and half smiled, but at the same time blushed. I didn’t know what I would say if he asked why we had our pussies out for him to see! The classroom cleared out, and we made our way to the front of the room. “Yes Mr. Robinson?” Lana said in a sweet voice. My pussy was burning up, and I could have swore the whole room smelled like pussy juice. “You girls just got out of gym class, right?” We nodded in agreement with him. “Well, maybe tomorrow I will get the same show I did today. Is that too much for your favorite teacher to ask for?” He smiled that killer white smile, and looked at us. I was in shock at first, I didn’t know what to say. “What are you talking about, Mr. Robinson?” I asked in a coy voice, knowing damn good and well what he meant. Mr. Robinson made his way around his desk, and stood, leaning back, with his butt resting on his desk. “Well, I mean, you’re both going through so much trouble trying to get me to notice you have on no panties, I just wanted to let you know, I noticed.” At that, he pointed toward his crotch, and you could see his dick had grown and swollen, and was now resting on his thigh. It had to be at least 10 inches long. We both turned beat red as Mr. Robinson smiled his little devlish grin. “Yes Mr. Robinson.” He nodded, “good, that is all I wanted to say.” With that, we both went out into the hallway, and gasped. “Oh my goodness! That was amazing! Mr. Robinson noticed our pussies!” 

We both laughed and headed to our next class. My crotch was on fire by this time. I can’t believe a thirty something man noticed me. That got me hotter and hotter. The final bell rang, and I dashed to the bus. I always sat in the back seat, you know the little half seat. I loved to sit back there. I was one of the last ones to be dropped off, so I had quite a ride. There was only 3 stops before mine, but everyone else was up front. The bumpy ride didn’t help me with my horniness. I reached down and ran my finger up and down my slit. It was slick with cum. I had never played with my self on the bus. I spread my thighs and let my fingers slide up and down my slit. The aroma of my hot pussy was drifting up to my nostrals. I kept my pussy lips open with my left hand, and rubbed my clit with my right middle finger. God it felt so good! I kept my eye on everyone, making sure no one came to the back of the bus for anything. No one was paying any attention to me at all. I was rubbing my clit faster now, and I could feel my skin getting hotter. I know my eyes were glazed over with lust as I stroked away at my little pleasure button. I glanced at the driver, and I was shocked when he was looking directly at me through the large mirror above his head. I took my hands out of my crotch immediately. He had a perverted grin on his face. He knew exactly what I was doing, and it was too late to take it back. Chuck was a greasy looking guy with shoulder length brown hair. A little on the heavy side, but not totally fat. He kept looking up at me and smiling. My stop was the next one, and I could finish this when I got home. No way was Chuck going to get off on me playing with my pussy. Pervert!

I checked the mail, and walked up onto the front porch. My Great Dane, Samson met me with a wagging tail and the unconditional love that he was always so willing to give. I went in the front door, and was surprised to see my step father John was at home already. “Hey, what’s up?” He said. “Not a thing. It was an easy day at school, and I don’t have any homework, so I’m pretty good right about now!” I smiled. John was pretty hot himself. He reminded me of Mr. Robinson. Same pretty smile, and same bald head. He was a couple inches taller than Mr. Robinson, and very well built. My Mom had been dating black men for as long as I could remember. Most people think I’m mixed with African American and Caucasion, but I’m not. I have naturally curly hair, and an olive skin tone, but I’m white. My Grandmother was Cherokee Indian, so we all have a darker skin tone. I don’t mind when people make the mistake. It’s almost amusing to me. “Hey, there’s a letter from my school in the mail!” I said, wondering what it could be about. I walked over and gave it to John, and he said, “Well, I hope you’re not in trouble young lady! Don’t make me have to turn you over my knee and beat your ass!” he laughed. I just laughed right along with him. John was pretty fun, and I knew he was a pervert. He looked at porn on the computer all the time. I had to say one thing for him though, he didn’t just look at a certain type of woman, he looked at them all. Fat, skinny, short, tall, big tits, small tits, big asses, little asses, young, and old. I often signed on under his screen name to see what he had been looking at. John opened the letter and it was just something about thanking everyone for a successful school year, and hope to see us all back next year. No big deal. He put it on the stand next to his recliner, and said, “that’s too bad! I was hoping I could give you a good spankin’!” “Yeah right!” I laughed with him. “I don’t think so! I’m too old for a spankin’!” I said as a matter of factly, and walked toward the kitchen. “Hey Stacy, come change the channel, would you?” He asked. The remote to the TV needed new batteries, and we hadn’t gotten them yet. I stepped in front of the TV and leaned over a little bit to reach the buttons, and that’s when I felt the breeze brush across my pussy lips. I forgot I didn’t have on panties! I heard John moan a little under his breath, but didn’t think it was because of me. I didn’t think I had bent over far enough for him to see anything. I quickly found the channel he wanted, and when I turned to leave, I noticed how he was looking at me. It was different than how he usually looked at me. I could see lust in his eyes. I felt the twinge in my pussy, and could feel it getting even wetter as I stood there. “Is that cool with you?” I asked, referring to the TV show that was on. “Well, y-yes it is. God what is that glorious smell? It smells so sweet and succulent.” He said in a wanting voice. I knew he could smell my pussy. It was juicing good by this time. I could see the huge bulge in his shorts as he sat there in his recliner with his feet propped up on the part that comes out. “I-I don’t smell anything.” I said, lying right to his face. I could feel myself blushing as I stood there awkwardly. I slowly walked back toward the kitchen, and as I passed, he swatted my young ass. Not hard, but in a playful way. “See, I still got to spank your ass!” He said playfully. That broke the awkward silence, and I just laughed. “Whatever John!” 

I made my way to the kitchen to make myself a snack, and Samson was right behind me. I went to the cabinet under the sink to get him a dog bone, and had to bend down. I could feel his wet nose on my ass cheek as he sniffed under my short little skirt. “Samson, be good baby!” I smiled at him, and gave him his treat. He happily took it into the living room and started munching on it. I fixed myself a sandwich and chips, and sat at the kitchen counter in one of the bar stools and ate while I watched the TV in the living room. I could feel my juices on the inner parts of my thighs. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. I started squirming around in my chair, and that was making me hornier and hornier. John had his back to me, so I slipped my hand down under my skirt and started rubbing my fat, shaved pussy mound. It felt so good! By that time, Samson was back wanting another treat. He would eat as many as I would give him. He was looking at me with his head cocked side ways with that cute, curious looks that dogs get. I had my eyes planted on the back of John’s head, and my fingers were rubbing away. John shifted in his chair, and I pulled my hand back up. “Awww…you want another treat baby boy?” I said in that silly way that people talk to babies or animals. I got out another dog bone for Samson, and handed it to him with the same hand I had been frigging my own pussy with. He sniffed my fingers, and started licking them all around the dog bone. It was so erotic to feel the hot wet tongue lapping up my pussy juice. I just stood there and let him lick all the juice off my fingers. John got up and came into the kitchen for another beer. “Well, I don’t know what you have on your hand, but Samson sure likes it!” He said with a broad smile on his face. “Yes he does!” I replied. I gave Samson the bone, and as he turned to go back into the living room, I noticed his pink dick sticking out of his sheath. “Did you spill something on the chair?” The question caught me off guard. “What?” “Did you spill something on the chair?” John asked again. “No, I don’t even have anything to drink,” I replied without thinking. With that, John touched the seat of the chair I had been sitting in with his index finger, and rubbed the wet spot, looking up at me with lust in his eyes. He put his finger in front of his face, and smelled it, as if he was smelling a dozen fresh picked roses. “Mmmmmmmm….” I must have looked horrified as I stood there. “Don’t worry Stacy. I won’t tell your Mom. I know your little pussy is hot! You are at that age. You’ve probably already been fucked. If I was your age, I would have loved to fuck you and see those plump, big titties.” I just stood there and didn’t say anything as John looked me up and down. I could see his cock getting bigger and bigger in his shorts. “See what you do to me?” He gestured toward his crotch. At the same time, he brought his finger to his mouth, and put it on his tongue, and made a loud sucking noise. “Mmmmmm…no wonder Samson was licking your fingers! This tastes so good! Your pussy tastes sweet, Stacy.” I’ve been watching you for a couple years now. I see your white ass getting bigger, and your tits getting bigger. A brotha would love to get a hold of you.” He said with a sly smile. “But, I don’t know what you mean.” I finally managed to say. I was embarrassed, but at the same time, hearing a man say all that nasty stuff to me made me so hot. I couldn’t stand still I was so nervous. 

John started walking toward me. My heart started racing, but I didn’t move away. “Is your pussy hot right now? Hmmmm?” John was saying in a tone I had never heard him use before. So sexy. I backed up into the counter, and couldn’t go anywhere else. He kept walking towards me, and gently pressed his body to mine. I could feel his hard dick. It felt like an iron pole in his pants. I could feel the heat radiating through his shorts. His huge, rough hands gently grabbed my arms, and I felt his hot breath on my neck as he leaned down toward my ear. “I know your pussy is hot Stacy. I can smell it. You left a wet spot on the chair. A creamy wet spot.” By this time, my breathing had gotten a little more unsteady. His hands had made their way down my body and onto my thighs, caressing me harder, with more urgency. He was grinding his dick into my stomach faster and with more pressure. I felt his hands reach around to my ass. “Ooohhhhh yeah!” His eyes were closed and his mouth half open. He was in a sexual trance. “You little hot white fuck!” He whispered gruffly into my ear. “You wanted to tease me with your little hot pink pussy? Huh?” He was grabbing me ass cheeks and squeezing them hard, pulling my body towards him. He let his fingers slowly work their way into my ass crack, and move down toward my pussy. It was dripping by this time. I was breathing hard now. I was in a cloud of ecstasy. I was fucking my mothers husband. I was fucking my step father. I was fucking a black man for the first time. I was in heaven. 

John’s fingers slid easily up my slit. “OOooohhhh yes!” I moaned. “What? Huh, little white slut? What do you want daddy to do to you?” He growled in a sexy voice. It was a turn on to hear him talking to me like that. “You want Daddy to rub that pussy?” He said as he let his hand cup my pussy from the back, with his finger tips on my clit. “Mmmmmmmm, yes.” I said in a barely audible voice. “What?! I can’t hear you. What do you want this black man to do with your white, pink pussy?” He hissed, and rubbed my whole crotch with his hand. “Ohhhhhhhhh God! Mmmmmmm!” He was rubbing fast and with just the right amount of pressure. My cunt juices were flowing all over the palm of his hand. “You nasty wet little hot bitch. You’re gonna cum, aren’t you? You like it when Daddy rubs that fat pussy for you?” I tugged at his shorts. I needed to see his big black cock. I had seen pictures before, but never one in person. “Oh, you wanna see this big black dick?” John took a couple steps back, and finished pulling his shorts off, stepping out of them. His cock was smashed against his body from the boxer briefs he had on. It looked massive compared to the little white boys I had experienced. I just stared at his cock and without thinking, my own hands started rubbing my pussy. John hooked his fingers inside the band on his boxers, and pulled them down, his cock standing out in front of him as he threw his boxers to the side. 

“Is this what you wanted to see?” John smiled and held his beautiful black cock with his hand, stroking it slowly. My fingers were rubbing my pussy, and it felt like an inferno was building inside of me. My eyes were glued to his massive cock. The tip glistening with pre cum. My thighs were spreading further apart as I leaned back on the counter more and more. I wanted my pussy to be spread as far apart as I could get it. My fingers moved faster and faster while I just stared at my step fathers’ dick. John walked up to me so that the tip of his dick touched my outer pussy lips. He was jacking it off right there in front of me. “You nasty little white slut. Your pussy is sloppy as fuck! You fuckin’ little tease! I oughta make you drink this nut! I oughta choke you with my cum!” He was stroking his dick fast and rubbing it harder on my cunt lips. I could feel my insides starting to quake. I started humping at the head of his cock, and rubbing my pussy on it as he stroked it faster. “You nasty white bitch. I’m gonna nut.” “Oh yes daddy! You’re gonna make me cum!” I felt the wave of orgasm take over me, and my pussy was pulsing and spitting cum out of my hole. 

John’s body was growing more and more tense as he watched me succomb to my orgasm. My body was relaxing when John put his hand on top of my head, and pushed me down to my knees. His dick was right in my face when it exploded. The hot, thick, white cum exploded out of his black cock all over my face. “Aaaaggghhhhh!” John moaned as he was caught in the throes of ecstasy. Big white gobs of cum were shooting all over my face and dripping down onto my shirt and skirt. John leaned over and propped himself on the counter top, hovering over me as he tried to catch his breath. 

Finally, after what seemed like 15 minutes, but couldn’t have been more than 5, we got up. I didn’t know what to say as I tried to smooth out my skirt and shirt. I was almost ashamed of what had just happened, but I couldn’t help it. I was almost out of control. John was putting back on his boxers and shorts, “Look, just so you know, I won’t say anything to your Mom, and I would appreciate the same respect. I think we both just kinda lost our cool. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable being around me Stacy. Really, it never has to happen again. I would suggest you go get cleaned up though. Your Mom will be home in about an hour.” I smiled. I’m glad he did the talking, it did make me feel better. No one would ever have to know, and I didn’t feel the pressure to do it again if I didn’t want to. “Thanks John. Or maybe I should say, Daddy!” I laughed and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before I skipped off to my room. 

I started down the hallway to my room, and Samson was following behind me. “Oh, come on buddy, but you’re not getting anymore treats!” I laughed and rubbed his ears playfully. I shut my door and locked it, and stared at myself in the full length mirror hanging on the back of my door. I was still amazed at what had just happened. It kept playing over and over in my mind. The sight of John jacking off watching me play with my pussy! That was so hot. I started unbuttoning my shirt, and on one of the buttons, there was a gob of dick goo. I rubbed the tips of my fingers together to feel how slick it was, and put my finger tips to my tongue. It tasted sweet and bitter at the same time. I could feel my cunt burning again as I tasted my step fathers man juice. I finished taking off my shirt, and unsnapped my bra. My tits bounced out as I slung my shoulders forward to get it off. My nipples were dark brown and hard as a rock. I pinched one between my fingers as I watched myself in the mirror. I lifed the front of my skirt so I could see my shaved mound. I turned around and bent over, pulling my skirt over my ass. My fat pussy was plainly visible from the back. I put my hand between my legs and let my finger slip into the wet slit. “Mmmmmmm….yeah! What a wet pussy!” I said to myself. I like to talk to myself as I play with my pussy. Samson was looking at me with that ‘curious dog look’ as he lay on the floor in front of my bed. “Awww…Mommy’s just horny Samson. Don’t mind me!” I said out loud as I shoved my fingers in my twat hole looking at myself in the mirror. My pussy started sloshing with all the cunt juice that was building up, and it was a huge turn on. 

Just then, I heard a knock on the door. I jerked my hand out of my cunt. “Who is it?” I yelled. “Hi honey! I just wanted to let you know I’m home!” Mom said through the door. “OK Mom! I’m getting ready to get in the shower! I’ll see you when I’m done!” I walked toward my bathroom, and Samson got up to follow. I opened the shower door and turned the water on. I heard Samson’s toe nails tapping on the bathroom floor. “Awww…ok buddy. You missed me today?” I put the lid down on the toilet seat, and sat down. Samson walked over to me with his tail wagging. I started rubbing his ears, one in each hand. He started sniffing in the air, and slowly his head was dipping lower and he stuck his nose against my hot fleshy mound, sniffing as if he had found a bone he buried months ago. I gasped as I tried to pull his head away, but he is a big dog. He is very strong, and he put his head right back on my fat pussy. He smelled it again and started licking it gently. “Oooohhhhhh” I said uncontrollably. I hoped nobody heard me. His tongue lapped out faster now trying to get deeper in my pussy folds. “Ooooohhhhh god!” I said, almost too loud again. I got up and shut my bathroom door and quickly sat back down on the toilet, this time spreading my thighs wide. “Samson, come here boy.” I coaxed. He came right back over and started licking my pussy with his long pink tongue. I had never felt a tongue on my cunt hole. I couldn’t believe how it felt. His tongue was dipping deep into my love mound, trying to lap up every drop of my sweet juice. I was gasping for breath and started rubbing my clit with my finger, pinching my nipple with my other hand. I felt my cunt start to pulsate and I lost all control. I started grinding my hips into the toilet seat and Samsons long tongue. It felt like he was licking me all the way to the back of my pussy as I came all over his tongue and face. My body relaxed, and I pulled Samsons nose out of my crotch. He looked at me with those sad puppy dog eyes. “No Samson, it’s time for mommy to take a shower.” I said. I opened the bathroom door and made him go wait in my room. Now I was reeling from my afternoon since I’d been home from school. 

I took a quick shower, and got dressed, pulling my hair up into a pony tail. I went downstairs where Mom was cooking tacos for dinner. “Hey Stacy! How was your day?” Mom smiled. “Pretty good.” I grinned at her. “You need some help?” “Sure, you can start cutting up the tomatoes” she replied. “So, did you do anything exciting?” Mom asked. “No, same ol’ same ol'” I smiled, and kept cutting up the tomatoes, as I heard John laughing at something on TV. 

I had a feeling I was getting ready to enter a whole new era of my sexual life.

Cindy’s Confession week 7

Previously on cindy’s Confession 

Hi, I’m Cindy. I’m a cocksucking, pussy-eating, cum-gobbling slut. Nice to meet you. 


Hi, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Cindy; I’m a cocksucking, dick-riding, pussy-eating, ass-fucking cum slut. And these are my confessions. 

My very first orgasm, and the half-dozen that followed, I climaxed while a cock spurted hot cum in my mouth and I fingered myself. The next 20 or 30 times I came, I was squatting in a glory hole, again with a series of cocks in my mouth, leaking precum or shooting a load down my throat while I fingered myself. In college, I lived in a dorm with a she-male room mate who took my virginity. She was my lesbian lover, with long, silky hair, soft tits, and a dick I could suck. It was confusing, but I liked it. My first gang bang was a combination blow-bang and cum shower at a frat house. While I ate cum from over a dozen men, some right in my mouth, some shot on me and licked up, a lesbian named Twylla ate me out. Man, was that great!

Just thought you should know who you’re dealing with. I hope reading about my experiences makes your dick hard or your pussy wet. I hope you cum while you read my confessions and imagine me doing you, or imagine that you are me. Man or woman, I wish you could cum in my mouth while I was having an orgasm. People say there’s nothing like it. Maybe some day you will, who knows? 

Anyway, here’s the next chapter in my confessions.

Cindy’s Confession week 6

Delta Pi

We pulled into a circular driveway in front of a mansion that had seen better days. The house and grounds were in decent shape, casually tidy but far from manicured. There were two large greek letters above the door, a triangle and a pair of vertical lines topped with a wavy one: Delta Pi. 

It was a frat house, one with a nasty reputation. I’d been warned about it by Lonni. “You might get something you like there,” she’d said, “but you might get a lot more besides. They don’t always take ‘no’ for an answer once they get a girl behind closed doors.”

“I’ve heard about this place,” I said to Twylla, trying to keep the concern out of my voice.

“Worried?” she asked, seeing right through my calm pose. She grinned. “You should be. If you came here alone, looking for a bunch of guys to suck off, you’d get what you were looking for, all right, and be sorry you asked—probably wake up on the lawn at 4:00 a.m, with cum dribbling out of your ass and ‘whore’ written on your forehead in marker, or something worse. Shit happens here sometimes. Girls complain, but nothing changes. The little pricks are connected, protected by their rich daddies.”

“Why do girls still come here, then?”

“Same reason we’re here, puss. Lots of willing cocks. Rich, young, well-dressed, athletic cocks, for girls who care about that.” She snorted derisively. “Most do. So they come.” She shrugged. “Girls with no leverage sometimes wish they hadn’t.”

“You have leverage?”

She led me to the front door with a swagger. “Oh, yeah. They know me. We party sometimes, and I scare them. I know too much about these dickwads for them to fuck with me. 

“Besides, I have a rich daddy, too. Nowhere near as rich as these walking dicks’, but mine is a lawyer for the mob. If they lay so much as an unwanted finger on me, Daddy Will Sue. If he wins in court, he’ll take their little trust funds away. If he loses… daddy gets very angry when he loses. Things get damaged,” she smiled maliciously.

I shuddered. She laughed. “That’s the spirit, little pussy queen. Welcome to the well-named DP house, the place that hold’s your cunt’s big, stiff, spurting desire, and so much more. 

“Seriously though, don’t wander off. And don’t accept anything to drink. Not unless it comes from the tip of a cock,” she added dryly.

I straightened my shoulders. I was pushing my boundaries, I told myself, exploring. Celebrating my inner cum slut. Whatever happened, I was going to find out more about who I was, and what I wanted. 

I had told Twylla what I thought I wanted, but how would I feel when it actually happened? My fear was overlaid with a growing erotic thrill. What had Twylla called it? My cunt’s heart’s desire. It might not be what I’d find, but it was finally what I knew I was looking for.

A handsome, well-groomed young stud answered the door, saw Twylla, and opened the way mock-courteously, gesturing us in. “Ms. Van Dyke,” he greeted her. “Always a pleasure.”

Twylla gave him a dangerous look. “Usually a pleasure,” he amended. “None of our brothers have offended you, I hope.”

“Your very existence offends me, Chaz. But don’t worry; tonight it’s pleasure. For you, if you like, and, say, six or twelve of your brothers.”

Chaz licked his suddenly dry lips and looked at me speculatively. “So many?” he asked, getting excited. “She’s so… little.”

Twylla grinned. “Little and tight and mine, to do with as I please. Tonight, a little humiliation is on the menu. She’s going to strip naked and play with herself in front of you all, then I’m going to eat her cunt, while the lot of you take turns fucking her in the mouth. Jack off on her if you want. Cum on her face, her sweet little tits. Hell, giver a cum shower. I’ll have her wanting it. She’ll be begging to suck your dicks dry and lick them clean.”

Chaz was practically shaking. I smiled to myself. Guys. So predictable, in some ways. “Yes,” he answered. “Yes, absolutely. Come upstairs. The Blue Room, I think. Yes, definitely. I’ll gather the flock.” He hesitated. “Would you like a drink?” he asked with hooded eyes.

Twylla laughed in his face. “Do I look stupid, Chaz?”

“No. No, definitely not. Crazy and dangerous, yes, but stupid? No.” He admired her leather-clad figure. “And may I say, very sexy tonight?”

“You may. Tonight and every night. Enjoy the sights, but don’t get carried away. If a little cum splashes off pussy here and lands on my leather, she’ll lick it off. But if one of your brothers deliberately shoots his spunk on me, I’ll have his testicles in my mouth. And he won’t like it.”

“Well,” said Chaz, “I think we’ve established the ground rules for our little soiree.” He gestured upstairs, and eyed me with undisguised lust. “Let the fun begin.”

The so-called Blue Room was large, heavily curtained, and not blue. It was flooded with dim red light and long black shadows from a single, bare, scarlet bulb. Chaz excused himself and left me alone with Twylla. 

She shook a black silk blindfold from her jacket and tied it around my eyes. I instantly felt more vulnerable, more dependent on her, and more sexually aroused.

She fastened a leather collar around my neck. She unbuttoned my blouse and put small clips on my nipples. They didn’t hurt, but they stimulated me almost too much. This was intended as humiliation, but I wasn’t humiliated. I was exhilarated. She put her hands inside my blouse and ran them over my breasts and belly. We started making out, her tongue again aggressively taking possession of my mouth, her hands occasionally tugging gently on my nipple clips, dragging me toward the border between extreme pleasure and mild pain.

I was completely in her hands. She could change the rules at any time and I would be helpless. She could do anything to me. Anything at all. She squeezed my crotch and I almost came. This was making me so hot.

There was a gradually building rustle and murmur in the room as Twylla kissed, licked, and bit me everywhere from my blindfolded face to my belly button, paying special attention to my mouth and breasts. Then she took the blindfold off. Men ringed the room, tall and sexual in the red light, casting long, dark shadows.

There were more than a dozen men in the room, all of them young, most of them muscular, proud, and even attractive. All had visible bulges, and some were squeezing their cocks through their pants. A few already had them out and were stroking them, slowly, in anticipation of a long night’s pleasure. My mouth started to water. Their faces began to recede from my vision, into a haze. I saw only a ring of tall red cocks casting black shadows.

Twylla pulled my blouse off, dropping it on the floor, and held up my naked tits, complete with nipple clamps, to the shadowy ring of aroused cocks. “This delicious little thing is Pussy,” she said. “But you can’t have Pussy’s pussy. It’s mine. She wants to give her cunt to me, in front of all of you. Don’t you, pussy?”

“Yes,” I answered, my natural shyness showing. A predatory murmur ran through the room. 

“Say it.”

“I want, I want you to fuck me. Make me cum. In front of these men.” I fought with my fear.

“And what would you like the men to do, pussy?”

“I want them to line up,” my voice was shaking. My throat was dry. Had I really asked for, demanded, this? “And f-fuck my mouth.”

“And what will you do?”

“Suck. Suck them off. I’ll give them all the best b-blowjobs. Make them cum. In my mouth.”


“And swallow their cum,” I declared, my voice firming. “All of it.” The bulges around the room were swelling into thick rods now. More cocks were coming out. More hands stroking them. The musty smell was becoming the odor of rutting males.

“And if they don’t want to cum in your mouth?”

“They can cum on my face, on my tits, in my hair. All over me.”

“CAN, pussy? Only CAN cum on you?”

“I want them to. I want them to cum on me.”

“Beg for it.”

“Please. Oh please let me suck you. Let me turn you on and get you off with my lips and tongue. Please, yes, stroke your dicks and shower me with your warm cum. It will make me so hot to have you jack off on me. I’ll cum and cum, if I can only suck your long, beautiful cocks. I’ll worship them with my mouth.” 

There. I had made my confession. My inner cum slut had spoken. I could feel the beat of male sexual response pulsing all around me.

“Very pretty. Now strip.”

I carelessly kicked my shoes off, stepped out of my pants, then dropped my panties, letting them fall. I kicked them aside. I was naked, in front of all these men these cocks. My knees were shaking. This was so different from an anonymous glory hole. I was so much more exposed. My heart was pounding. I felt like I was going to pass out, and at the same time like I was building to a shattering climax. Everything balanced on a knife’s edge.

My inner cum slut was coming out of the darkness, at least into the shadows. I was still hiding behind the pretext of being forced to do this, instead of reveling in it, but it wasn’t entirely a pretext. Twylla was making me do this, albeit at my urging. This would be painfully humiliating, or it would be glorious.

“On your knees,  Spread your pussy lips and play with yourself while you suck a man’s cock for us. I’ll take your cunt when you’re wet and I’m ready. Now, who’s first?”

I knelt on the carpet, spreading my labia and beginning to finger myself. My pussy was already sopping wet. I was so hot I was shaking. A tall, muscular pair of legs appeared in front of me as I rubbed myself. A man’s hand held an engorged cock up to my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the tip. He pushed it in. 

I began to suck on it. Yes! I felt transformed. Unexpectedly, I flung my arms around his legs, pulling his cock into my face, plunging my mouth down over that sweet, warm, swelling prick. The blood-red cock head filled my mouth. I sucked harder and impaled my face on it, reared my head back and did it again, and again, getting it deeper into my throat each time, as it grew longer and harder. I began to moan, my cries of arousal only partly blocked by the burgeoning cock filling my throat. I could feel the cock responding to my passion. I could feel the man behind it responding. I could feel the whole room responding. The sexual energy in the room was growing, and changing, moment by moment.

Gaining strength and confidence, I unwrapped one arm from around him and dipped a hand into the source of my yearning. I barely brushed my clit before I clenched in a spasming orgasmic wave. I came, loudly and undeniably. 

The cock in my mouth erupted in immediate response, fountaining with semen, filling my mouth to overflowing. In a fit of lust, the man I was face-fucking pulled his cock from my lips and shot more cum on my face. Humiliation? No. I chose rapture.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, mouth open, smiling, beatific, as the warm rain of his orgasm spilled over me, reflecting back the heat of my own. A burst of applause broke out, and an animal roar of approval and lust.

I was on my knees, naked in the beast’s lair, in Twylla’s thrall. But my cum slut was in charge of us all now, and she was radiant. A knot of men jostled for position to get in line for my oral ministrations. The rest impatiently gathered in a clot around me, ardently stroking themselves, in pleasure and passion, approaching climax, urging their pricks to shoot, shoot, shower me with their offering of semen and sperm, feeding the flames of my glowing carnal furnace with their sweet cum.

Queen Cindy of Delta Pi accepted the second hot, rigid cock into her bountiful mouth, sucked it all the way down her throat, hummed, and began her reign of pleasure and passion. They had come to use me. Now they were hungry to be near my heat.

I leaned forward and thrust my ass back toward Twylla. I needed both hands now, to hold and stroke this forest of cocks. While I gave myself to them, using both hands, I urged Twylla’s tongue and lips to keep bringing me to the edge of climax, fanning the white-hot core of this slowly building firestorm with a flame of pure orgasmic female incandescence.
Twylla Van Dyke got on her knees and thrust her face into my vulva from behind. Her lips wrapped around my swollen clit. Her tongue lapped the slippery fluid dripping from my cunt up and over my swollen love bud, sliding up and down on my engorged nub, keeping my sex lubricated and stimulated, in perpetual throbbing lust. 

The cum slut inside me was bending us all to her will. It was glorious.

I was sucking on a big, hard dick, its sensitive tip lodged in my throat. I held the rigid shaft of another in my left hand. I could feel it pulsing. I was helping to stroke a third, twisting my right hand around the head, tickling the sensitive underside while its owner thrust it through the ring formed by his finger and thumb. It swelled, the head turning purple. Cum began to dribble from the tip, onto my wrist. The man released the ring from around the base of his cock and jets of semen shot out, onto my cheek and hair. 

It triggered a chain reaction. Two more immediately spurted, causing a warm rain of cum to fall on my neck, breasts and shoulders, dripping slowly down my back and front in thin white runnels. At the same instant, the cock in my throat jerked and pulsed, injecting its seed directly into my gullet, then withdrew, still leaking cum. And at that moment, Twylla gave my clitoris a strong, prolonged swirling suck and I came again, loudly, screaming my pleasure around the shaft of a yet another cock, already plunging noisily into my mouth and throat.

Cock after cock was stuffed into my mouth, and I lusted for every one, worshipped every one, brought each one to paroxysms of pleasure, culminating in wet orgasm, and utterly satisfied every one, draining them completely.

Other cocks, too impatient to wait, jacked off on my face and my tiny, precious tits, and I turned it into something beautiful, every pulsing cock spraying an offering of semen to the cum goddess I embodied. Others might seek to debase me, but I refused to be debased.

With so many engorged shafts and heads pumping in and out of my mouth, the stimulus of Twylla’s tongue on my clit kept pulling me over the edge, into the sweet abyss. I came, again and again, shuddering, trembling, dripping, screaming.

Things began to blur together, into one endless series of swollen heads, pulsing shafts, and back-to-back male and female orgasms. But distinct moments stand out in sharp relief: 

An enormous cock, it’s head swaying in front of me, spraying a fountain of pale fluid, arcing over me. Me, raising my face languidly to catch it in mid-stream in my mouth…
Twylla playfully slipping a moistened finger up my ass while I was deepthroating a particularly long member, causing me to choke, squeezing the cock so hard it unloaded inside me on the spot, then pulling her finger out as she sucked hard on my clit, triggering the most spectacular orgasm of my night, as the long shaft continued to pulse…
A trembling dick spilling a thick creamy wad in my mouth, its owner crying out as I massaged the head with my tongue, bathing it in its own slippery load…
One long cock pulling slowly out of my mouth, trailing a string of cum and saliva, as another bobbed in the air, hungry to enter…
Four cocks spurting cum on my face at the same time, the hot seed splashing on both my cheeks. The guttural moans of lust and satisfaction as I wiped my face clean with my fingers, gathering their semen, and sucked the fresh cum from my hands, just before another turgid member thrust into my mouth, fountaining my mouthful of mixed seed out onto my lips and chin…
Twylla grunting as she rooted aggressively in my cunt, making me cum twice in a row…

The sound of the door closing behind the last man as he left…

Lying alone in the red light with my head in Twylla’s lap, sucking the cum from her fingers as she wiped it off my leather collar and fed it to me with surprising tenderness…

Revealing in the moment, knowing I had truly freed my inner cum slut, that she was a genie who would never go back into the bottle…

Gazing with expectant trepidation into Twylla’s eyes as she held me, their depths busy with thoughts of me in a thousand different positions, already choreographing my promised night of bondage to her every desire…

My pleasure at taking my iPhone out of my daypack in Twilla’s SUV on the way back to my dorm, and reading a love note from Lonni, as the sky turned pale in the east, shot with pink and gold, shining like a glistening vagina…

After all of that, I still wanted to go home and fuck Lonni, to feel the comfort of her cock inside me. To doze in her arms. It was Saturday. We could stay in bed. 

I was so happy.