The cumshot

Introduction: We had been living together for a year before I found out how to get her to let me deepthroat her. 

The only time my live-in girlfriend could (or would ?) let me shoot my cumload down her throat was when she was being fucked hard to an orgasm by another man.


My name is Tom and I am a 30-year-old white male. I am 6’1″ tall and in good shape and am well endowed in the guy parts department. I am divorced with two great kids that I only get to see occasionally. I have been living with Tanya for a year now. She is a super sexy 23-year-old black girl. She is 5’3″ and weighs about 110 pounds. She has short curly black hair and skin the color of milk chocolate. I would say that her measurements are about 34-C – 22 – 32. I met her at work and asked her out the first time when my marriage went sour. She wasn’t a virgin but it was our third date before she let me between her legs. It was worth the wait.

We both love sex and she is pretty wild and vocal in bed. She loves being on top and it’s great to watch her tits giggle as she bounces up and down on my cock. Tanya comes at a touch. Me licking her pussy gets her going. While we are fucking she usually has three or four orgasms in the ten minutes or so that it takes me to come. She enjoys sucking my cock to get me good and hard before we start fucking but she had never sucked me to completion or sucked me after I had come in her.

About three months ago we went to a party at a friends house. It was a little slow and there were not a lot of people there, maybe six guys and only two girls including Tanya. As the evening went on we all had more than we should to drink and some people started getting a little frisky. Soon we saw the other woman over in the corner on her knees sucking the cock of the guy who was hosting the party. Another guy was standing behind her playing with her tits. Tanya cuddled up to me and held me tight. After several minutes, one of the other guests came up to us. He gently pulled her off my arm and started kissing her and rubbing her tits through her blouse. At first she tried to pull away but then stopped. Then he took her hand and tried to lead her down the hall to the bedrooms. Tanya resisted and looked at me with a questioning look. I nodded yes and she started to follow him while motioning to me to come too.
He led her into one of the bedrooms and I followed right behind. I’m Jim was all that he said as he turned her towards him and started undressing her. As he uncovered each part of her body he took time to kiss it thoroughly. While doing this he was also stepping out of his clothes. When they were both naked he gently tossed her up onto the bed, face up and dove headfirst between her legs. I was enjoying watching this scene and soon I was naked also. Tanya came in about one minute. Then Jim startled her chest and presented his 8 inches to her mouth. She opened wide and took about half of his maleness into her mouth and bobbed up and down on it. Soon she looked at me and then looked him in the eyes and said, “Fuck me now.” Jim got off of her and flipped her over and put her on her hands and knees, got behind her, lined himself up and worked his cock into her doggy style. After getting fully into her cleanly shaved cunt he started pounding her hard and she began moaning and pushing back.

I couldn’t sit there and watch any longer. I got up on the bed in front of Tanya\’s face and pushed my cock against her lips.. Her eyes were closed but she opened her mouth and took me in. Each time Jim pounded his cock deep into her, his balls would slap against her pussy lips and she would be driven forward onto my shaft. Tanya had a hard orgasm and for the first time my cock slipped past the back of her mouth and down her throat. She didn’t gag or push me away but deepthroated me each time Jim slammed into her pussy. Each time she moved up or down on my cock, I could feel my cockhead rubbing against the walls of her tight throat and each time she tried to swallow I could feel her throat muscles contracting around my shaft. The feeling was so wonderful that I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. In the next few minutes she had another orgasm and as she started having her third and biggest one, I could tell that I was ready to come. I told Tanya that I was there, but unbelievably she didn’t stop. I shot a big load of cum straight down her throat and she just kept sucking till I went limp. Several minutes and another orgasm later, Jim came and filled her pussy with a huge load of his seed. Tanya turned around and sucked him clean. Then she passed out, partly because of the wild sex and partly from the drink. I took her home and fucked her while she was still passed out. Her pussy and thighs were covered in cum that had leaked out of her. I thought about fucking her up the ass but I knew that she did not like it there and figured that she would know I did it the next morning. I got between her slim legs, slipped my seven inches into her and shot my load into her already cum filled cunt one more time before falling asleep myself. I love the color contrast of my white cock sliding in and out of her black pussy.

Late the next morning when we got up, she was both sore and worried that I would be mad at her. She apologized and said that it only happened because she was drunk. I told her to stop worrying because I thought it was just great and that I loved every minute of it. She gave me a big hug. For the next couple of weeks, until she started her period, she was very worried about maybe getting pregnant with someone else’s baby even though she was on the pill. Finally that time of the month started and she relaxed. We talked about that night and even though her memory was fuzzy, she admitted that she had really enjoyed it and had gotten as hot as she had ever been. It took a little convincing on my part but I talked her into trying it again while she was sober.
I told her that I would call Jim and invite him to come over. Tanya stopped me and said that she would like me to invite someone else because part of the excitement of it was being fucked by someone she did not even know. The next day I told Ted at work what had happened. He and I had whored around several times when my marriage was on the rocks and I was not getting any at home. We had shared several sluts before I had started living with Tanya. Ted was 6’2″ and in great shape. He was a surfer with a dark tan and shoulder length blond hair. It was funny to see him nude as the area that was covered up by his baggy swim suit was as white as me and the rest of him was tanned almost as dark as Tanya. His dick was only six inches but it was as thick as any cock I had ever seen, either in shower rooms or in pictures. I invited him to come over Friday night. He happily agreed. That evening I told Tanya that I had everything set up. She gave me a big hug and kiss.
At eight o’clock Friday night Ted rang our bell. I had Tanya answer the door dressed in a short, almost see through top. We sat in the living room and I made everyone just one drink. After just a few minutes I said that I thought we would be more comfortable in the bedroom and got up. The others also got up and followed me. Tanya was not three feet into our bedroom when she pulled her top over her head and stood there in just the matching panties. “Ted, will you please take these off for me?” Ted dropped to his knees and with his teeth, pulled her panties to her knees. Tanya let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. Ted planted a little kiss between her legs and stood up.

Tanya jumped up on our bed and lay on her back with her legs spread wide and her tits cupped in her hands as Ted and I quickly undressed. We both stood by the bed with our cocks standing out, as hard as iron pipes. Tanya looked at both of us. “Oh my Ted, I don’t know if that weapon of yours is going to fit in my mouth or my cunt but I sure want to find out.” Ted climbed up beside her face and she licked the first drop of pre-cum from the tip of his dick. It jumped at her touch. She took it in her hand and slid her lips over the hear and sucked hard on it. Meanwhile I dove face first into her sweet pussy. My lips spread her labia and I started to lick her clit as fast as I could. I was amazed at how wet she already was. I dug my tongue in as deep as I could and brought Tanya to her first of many orgasms that night.
“Ted, I want to find out if the big piece of dick will fit in me. Fuck me now. Ted and I switched places. “Tom honey, please wait a couple minutes.” I stood beside the bed as Ted slowly worked his wrist thick cock into Tanya’s dripping opening. “Oh my God, it’s so big. You’re tearing me apart but don’t stop. Oh shit, go slow, it hurts” It wasn’t easy and Tanya groaned in pain a couple of times but eventually Ted was balls deep in Tanya. He held still while she adjusted then slowly started pumping into her. After a couple minutes she started raising her hips to meet his thrusts and telling him to do it harder. Ted increased his power and speed. Tanya started moaning and was soon having her second orgasm. Ted continued fucking her, now hard enough to make her tits jump each time their pelvic bones slammed together.
As that climax eased Tanya wiggled around so her head was hanging off the end of the bed. “Oh Tom darling, you’re welcome to join us again now if you like. I wasted no time in joining the fun. I stood at the end of the bed and placed my excited cock to her lips. I held her head with both of my hands and pulled her to me, fucking my shaft with her face. She closed her lips tightly on me and sucked for all that she was worth. It wasn’t long before Ted had her coming again. I took that opportunity to push my cock past the back of her mouth and into her throat again. She gagged just a little but regained control and I again was deepthroating her. I didn’t last long and soon was filling her belly with my cum. This time I didn’t warn her, I just did it. I kept my deflating cock in her mouth and she continued to lick and suck it as Ted continued fucking her pussy. Tanya had two more climaxes. I could tell because each time, she would open her mouth wide and scream out around my cock. By the time Ted unloaded inside her, she had me getting hard again so I told Ted to switch with me. Even partly soft, it was all Tanya could do to get Ted’s manhood back in her mouth. She had to breath through her nose while she sucked him clean. I added my cum to what was already inside Tanya. We spent a little while more kissing Tanya and sucking her tits. She was limp as a rag doll. We decided to call it a night. Ted got dressed and left with a big smile on his face. Tanya managed to get up long enough to go to the bathroom and clean herself up a little and change the cum soaked sheets on the bed. As we lay there, with a grin on her face she told me that she loved the evening, even sober.Shall we keep doing it l asked? If you liked it too, I would love to she replied.

Now I don’t have to wait till someone else is giving her an orgasm before she will, or can, give me a deepthroat blowjob. Every time she sucks my dick, it goes all the way into her throat, even if it is only a prelim to getting me ready to fuck her. Sometimes after she makes me fill her belly with my spunk she playfully bites my shaft as close to my balls as possible and then after she has taken me out of her mouth she grins and says, “Remember, if you don’t treat me nice I could always bite it off. ” Then she giggles like a little girl. About every week or two now I find someone that she doesn’t know to spend a fucking hot evening with us. No one has ever gone home disappointed. I still like to be the one spending the most time throat fucking her during our threesomes. Now I am trying to think of a way to get Tanya to let me fuck that fine brown ass of hers while her pussy is full of a stranger’s cock. I’ll let you know if I get it figured out.

Cindy Confession week 1

This is the post excerpt.

Hi. My name is Cindy and I’m a cum slut. (Hi, Cindy) I’m a dirty, cock-sucking, cum-swallowing, sperm-loving slut. Nice to meet you. 

Yeah I’ve been a cum slut since I was eighteen. It’s hard for me to reach orgasm without a cock in my mouth. I’m addicted to cum. I eat it, sometimes more than twice a day. I dream about it. I’ve taken cum showers. Is there a twelve-step program for cum sluts? I’ll bet there is. The trouble with that is, I actually like being a cum slut. When there’s cum on my face, there’s usually a smile there as well. And vice-versa.

I wasn’t always a cum slut. I started as an innocent virgin, like everyone else. But that pretty much changed when I had my first orgasm. I stayed a virgin for a while after that, but I wasn’t really innocent anymore. In fact, I was well on my way to being a cum-loving cock sucker. I just didn’t know it.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s why I think that first orgasm was so important: it’s like the main difference between guys and gals. Guys are pretty much all the same, as far as getting them off is concerned—sure, there are differences, but they can almost all watch some porn, spit in their hand, and have a perfectly good orgasm.
Whereas women are all different. Some of us can get off using our fingers; others just can’t. Some need something inside—a finger for one, but a cock for another, and only a vibrator for a third—and some women can’t get off if there’s, like, anything inside them at all. Some of us can’t cum while we’re fucking, others only cum when we’re being fucked. And on and on.
Why are we all so different? I have a theory: it has to do with our first orgasm, and that depends a lot on how we discover our sex. I think most guys discover it pretty much the same way. Whoop. There it is, right in front of you. One day it’s suddenly bigger than normal and it feels funny. Next thing you know, you’re cleaning it and it goes off! When a guy starts showering every day without being asked, it’s pretty much a sure deal that he’s discovered The Orgasm.
But a woman’s sex is hidden, even from her. Usually she starts having “feelings” without knowing where they’re coming from, you know? So she tries this or that, usually false starts and blind alleys at first, sometimes for a long time. Until one day, hopefully, she discovers what Does It for her. And that’s how I discovered my inner cum slut.