The Afternoon Massage 

Once home on Monday after dropping my daughter off at crèche, I decided while having breakfast that I was going to message Kyla and see if she was able to give me a massage on Wednesday. She replied back asking what massage I would like and the time length as she does have two bookings already. And if i would be coming to her or her to my home. But can definitely fit me in.

I replied saying that I would like an unrushed 90 min full body and head massage and would like it if she could come to me. 

She replied back saying that’s cool and asked if it would be ok between 11h00 and 13h00 to fit in the massage time. 

I said that would be perfect and sent her my address. 

Wednesday morning arrived and after getting home from dropping my daughter off at crèche I had a relaxing bath while I waited for 11h00 to arrive. After my bath I put on my gown and slippers and made my way to the kitchen where I a cup of tea while waiting for Kyla to arrive.
The doorbell rang at 10h40 and when I opened up it was Kyla. She said she hopes I don’t mind that she’s a little early, which I didn’t. She got her massaging fold up bed out her car and wheeled it in. I asked her if it’s not heavy and she past it to me to pick it up. It was a lot lighter than it looked and she said it weighs 15kgs. I was rather impressed by it. She asked where would I like it to be set up and I suggest for today in the lounge. 

I offered her something to drink while she was setting up and she asked if she could have a glass of fruit juice. I got that for her and on my return the bed was set up. She first drank her juice while we chatted as she asked how I have been etc. 
It was then time and as she finished her juice she past me a towel and asked if I wanted her to leave the room while I got undressed and laid down on the massage bed. I said to her no need for the towel as I undid and removed my gown. Kyla said you have such a lovely body and definitely aren’t shy in front of me. 

I replied back to her while getting onto the bed saying, I don’t see any point in being shy around you if I’m going to getting a massage from you monthly.

She replied back saying that it does make a lot of sense and yay I got a regular customer and then she giggle. 

She started drizzling massage oil onto my back when she asked what type of massage would I like, soft medium or hard. 

I replied a full house medium massage and she then started with my neck and shoulders. 

We chatted while she massaged me and I asked her how long has she been doing private messages. 

She replied that’s it’s only her 3rd month now as it took her a year to save up enough money to by the portable massage bed as well as a fixed one at her parents house, to buy suffient stock of oils as well as towels and all the odds and ends she needed. although her dad did help her out with some of the payments.

I said that’s so awesome that you studied and worked hard to get where you are. 

She had moved down to my lower back and I could feel I had started to relax. Her hands then ran over my bum as she massaged each of my cheeks before moving down my thighs and legs. We stopped talking and I laid there enjoying the massage. She soon finished with my feet and then moved up to my head. She massaged my temples and the back of my head, totally relaxing me before asking me to turn over onto my back. 

Once I was laying on my back, Kyla continued to massaging my head first before moving down to my feet. After massaging my feet she slowly made her way up my legs. She slowly and teasingly again massage my inner and upper thighs before moving onto my groins and hips, which made me rather wet. 

She then asked me, same as before regarding your private areas and I replied yes please as she started drizzling oil onto my belly. 

She rubbed the oil over the skin of my tummy and down to my pelvis. I then felt her fingers move over my pussy as she rubbed my lips up and down. I opened my legs as she massaged my pussy lips for a while before moving back up my body. She drizzled oil onto my chest and then rubbed over my throat shoulders chest and boobs. She massaged my boobs with her hands and eventually she was gently pinching my hard nipples making me more horny. She then moved to my neck and throat and gently massage me there before moving back down over my boobs and belly till reaching my groins. She teasingly massage my groins and next to my pussy as I had my legs spread for her. Eventually I felt her finger move onto my pussy and she started to finger me up and down. She rubbed my pussy and soon started to stimulate my clit, I started moaning as she brought me to climax and as my body tensed up Kyla rubbed my pussy fast up and down while I moaned and orgasmed. After I finished orgasmning she removed her hand and my relaxing massage was over.
I sat up on the massage bed and she asked me if I enjoyed. 

I told it was amazing and that even though I’m still a bit horny, I am also totally relaxed. 

She said that’s awesome glad you enjoyed it. 

She wiped the oil off her hands on the towel as I got up and put my gown on. 

I then asked her if she was bi – sexual or have had any lesbian encounters. 

She replied back saying no that’s she’s straight and that I’m the only woman who she has fingered apart from herself.

I said oh so I’m special. And she said indeed you are.

I then asked why tho? And she answered saying it’s because I have a fun and confident personality and makes it easier for her to do a good job.

She then wiped down the massage bed while I went to get ger a glass of juice once more and her money. 

And on my return I asked one last question, if it made her horny by pleasuring me. 

She blushed as replied it most definitely did and said that she can feel that she is a little wet. 

I laughed and said that she’s now my naughty masseuse and she laughed as she acknowledged it.

I then gave her a hug goodbye and a kiss on the cheek saying thank you for my pleasurable massage before she took the massage bed and made her way out the front door and to her car.
After she left I still felt a little horny so I made my way up to my bedroom. I got my vibrator out from the bedside draw and undid my gown before laying down on my back. I switched the vibrator on and placed it between my legs and started rubbing it up and down my pussy lips. I then stopped it on my clit and allow the vibrations to stimulate my clit. I was soon moaning as I brought myself to climax and orgasmed while pleasuring myself ending of my relaxing pleasurable day.  


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