Cindy’s Confession week 7

Previously on cindy’s Confession 

Hi, I’m Cindy. I’m a cocksucking, pussy-eating, cum-gobbling slut. Nice to meet you. 


Hi, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Cindy; I’m a cocksucking, dick-riding, pussy-eating, ass-fucking cum slut. And these are my confessions. 

My very first orgasm, and the half-dozen that followed, I climaxed while a cock spurted hot cum in my mouth and I fingered myself. The next 20 or 30 times I came, I was squatting in a glory hole, again with a series of cocks in my mouth, leaking precum or shooting a load down my throat while I fingered myself. In college, I lived in a dorm with a she-male room mate who took my virginity. She was my lesbian lover, with long, silky hair, soft tits, and a dick I could suck. It was confusing, but I liked it. My first gang bang was a combination blow-bang and cum shower at a frat house. While I ate cum from over a dozen men, some right in my mouth, some shot on me and licked up, a lesbian named Twylla ate me out. Man, was that great!

Just thought you should know who you’re dealing with. I hope reading about my experiences makes your dick hard or your pussy wet. I hope you cum while you read my confessions and imagine me doing you, or imagine that you are me. Man or woman, I wish you could cum in my mouth while I was having an orgasm. People say there’s nothing like it. Maybe some day you will, who knows? 

Anyway, here’s the next chapter in my confessions.


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