Cindy’s Confession week 6

Delta Pi

We pulled into a circular driveway in front of a mansion that had seen better days. The house and grounds were in decent shape, casually tidy but far from manicured. There were two large greek letters above the door, a triangle and a pair of vertical lines topped with a wavy one: Delta Pi. 

It was a frat house, one with a nasty reputation. I’d been warned about it by Lonni. “You might get something you like there,” she’d said, “but you might get a lot more besides. They don’t always take ‘no’ for an answer once they get a girl behind closed doors.”

“I’ve heard about this place,” I said to Twylla, trying to keep the concern out of my voice.

“Worried?” she asked, seeing right through my calm pose. She grinned. “You should be. If you came here alone, looking for a bunch of guys to suck off, you’d get what you were looking for, all right, and be sorry you asked—probably wake up on the lawn at 4:00 a.m, with cum dribbling out of your ass and ‘whore’ written on your forehead in marker, or something worse. Shit happens here sometimes. Girls complain, but nothing changes. The little pricks are connected, protected by their rich daddies.”

“Why do girls still come here, then?”

“Same reason we’re here, puss. Lots of willing cocks. Rich, young, well-dressed, athletic cocks, for girls who care about that.” She snorted derisively. “Most do. So they come.” She shrugged. “Girls with no leverage sometimes wish they hadn’t.”

“You have leverage?”

She led me to the front door with a swagger. “Oh, yeah. They know me. We party sometimes, and I scare them. I know too much about these dickwads for them to fuck with me. 

“Besides, I have a rich daddy, too. Nowhere near as rich as these walking dicks’, but mine is a lawyer for the mob. If they lay so much as an unwanted finger on me, Daddy Will Sue. If he wins in court, he’ll take their little trust funds away. If he loses… daddy gets very angry when he loses. Things get damaged,” she smiled maliciously.

I shuddered. She laughed. “That’s the spirit, little pussy queen. Welcome to the well-named DP house, the place that hold’s your cunt’s big, stiff, spurting desire, and so much more. 

“Seriously though, don’t wander off. And don’t accept anything to drink. Not unless it comes from the tip of a cock,” she added dryly.

I straightened my shoulders. I was pushing my boundaries, I told myself, exploring. Celebrating my inner cum slut. Whatever happened, I was going to find out more about who I was, and what I wanted. 

I had told Twylla what I thought I wanted, but how would I feel when it actually happened? My fear was overlaid with a growing erotic thrill. What had Twylla called it? My cunt’s heart’s desire. It might not be what I’d find, but it was finally what I knew I was looking for.

A handsome, well-groomed young stud answered the door, saw Twylla, and opened the way mock-courteously, gesturing us in. “Ms. Van Dyke,” he greeted her. “Always a pleasure.”

Twylla gave him a dangerous look. “Usually a pleasure,” he amended. “None of our brothers have offended you, I hope.”

“Your very existence offends me, Chaz. But don’t worry; tonight it’s pleasure. For you, if you like, and, say, six or twelve of your brothers.”

Chaz licked his suddenly dry lips and looked at me speculatively. “So many?” he asked, getting excited. “She’s so… little.”

Twylla grinned. “Little and tight and mine, to do with as I please. Tonight, a little humiliation is on the menu. She’s going to strip naked and play with herself in front of you all, then I’m going to eat her cunt, while the lot of you take turns fucking her in the mouth. Jack off on her if you want. Cum on her face, her sweet little tits. Hell, giver a cum shower. I’ll have her wanting it. She’ll be begging to suck your dicks dry and lick them clean.”

Chaz was practically shaking. I smiled to myself. Guys. So predictable, in some ways. “Yes,” he answered. “Yes, absolutely. Come upstairs. The Blue Room, I think. Yes, definitely. I’ll gather the flock.” He hesitated. “Would you like a drink?” he asked with hooded eyes.

Twylla laughed in his face. “Do I look stupid, Chaz?”

“No. No, definitely not. Crazy and dangerous, yes, but stupid? No.” He admired her leather-clad figure. “And may I say, very sexy tonight?”

“You may. Tonight and every night. Enjoy the sights, but don’t get carried away. If a little cum splashes off pussy here and lands on my leather, she’ll lick it off. But if one of your brothers deliberately shoots his spunk on me, I’ll have his testicles in my mouth. And he won’t like it.”

“Well,” said Chaz, “I think we’ve established the ground rules for our little soiree.” He gestured upstairs, and eyed me with undisguised lust. “Let the fun begin.”

The so-called Blue Room was large, heavily curtained, and not blue. It was flooded with dim red light and long black shadows from a single, bare, scarlet bulb. Chaz excused himself and left me alone with Twylla. 

She shook a black silk blindfold from her jacket and tied it around my eyes. I instantly felt more vulnerable, more dependent on her, and more sexually aroused.

She fastened a leather collar around my neck. She unbuttoned my blouse and put small clips on my nipples. They didn’t hurt, but they stimulated me almost too much. This was intended as humiliation, but I wasn’t humiliated. I was exhilarated. She put her hands inside my blouse and ran them over my breasts and belly. We started making out, her tongue again aggressively taking possession of my mouth, her hands occasionally tugging gently on my nipple clips, dragging me toward the border between extreme pleasure and mild pain.

I was completely in her hands. She could change the rules at any time and I would be helpless. She could do anything to me. Anything at all. She squeezed my crotch and I almost came. This was making me so hot.

There was a gradually building rustle and murmur in the room as Twylla kissed, licked, and bit me everywhere from my blindfolded face to my belly button, paying special attention to my mouth and breasts. Then she took the blindfold off. Men ringed the room, tall and sexual in the red light, casting long, dark shadows.

There were more than a dozen men in the room, all of them young, most of them muscular, proud, and even attractive. All had visible bulges, and some were squeezing their cocks through their pants. A few already had them out and were stroking them, slowly, in anticipation of a long night’s pleasure. My mouth started to water. Their faces began to recede from my vision, into a haze. I saw only a ring of tall red cocks casting black shadows.

Twylla pulled my blouse off, dropping it on the floor, and held up my naked tits, complete with nipple clamps, to the shadowy ring of aroused cocks. “This delicious little thing is Pussy,” she said. “But you can’t have Pussy’s pussy. It’s mine. She wants to give her cunt to me, in front of all of you. Don’t you, pussy?”

“Yes,” I answered, my natural shyness showing. A predatory murmur ran through the room. 

“Say it.”

“I want, I want you to fuck me. Make me cum. In front of these men.” I fought with my fear.

“And what would you like the men to do, pussy?”

“I want them to line up,” my voice was shaking. My throat was dry. Had I really asked for, demanded, this? “And f-fuck my mouth.”

“And what will you do?”

“Suck. Suck them off. I’ll give them all the best b-blowjobs. Make them cum. In my mouth.”


“And swallow their cum,” I declared, my voice firming. “All of it.” The bulges around the room were swelling into thick rods now. More cocks were coming out. More hands stroking them. The musty smell was becoming the odor of rutting males.

“And if they don’t want to cum in your mouth?”

“They can cum on my face, on my tits, in my hair. All over me.”

“CAN, pussy? Only CAN cum on you?”

“I want them to. I want them to cum on me.”

“Beg for it.”

“Please. Oh please let me suck you. Let me turn you on and get you off with my lips and tongue. Please, yes, stroke your dicks and shower me with your warm cum. It will make me so hot to have you jack off on me. I’ll cum and cum, if I can only suck your long, beautiful cocks. I’ll worship them with my mouth.” 

There. I had made my confession. My inner cum slut had spoken. I could feel the beat of male sexual response pulsing all around me.

“Very pretty. Now strip.”

I carelessly kicked my shoes off, stepped out of my pants, then dropped my panties, letting them fall. I kicked them aside. I was naked, in front of all these men these cocks. My knees were shaking. This was so different from an anonymous glory hole. I was so much more exposed. My heart was pounding. I felt like I was going to pass out, and at the same time like I was building to a shattering climax. Everything balanced on a knife’s edge.

My inner cum slut was coming out of the darkness, at least into the shadows. I was still hiding behind the pretext of being forced to do this, instead of reveling in it, but it wasn’t entirely a pretext. Twylla was making me do this, albeit at my urging. This would be painfully humiliating, or it would be glorious.

“On your knees,  Spread your pussy lips and play with yourself while you suck a man’s cock for us. I’ll take your cunt when you’re wet and I’m ready. Now, who’s first?”

I knelt on the carpet, spreading my labia and beginning to finger myself. My pussy was already sopping wet. I was so hot I was shaking. A tall, muscular pair of legs appeared in front of me as I rubbed myself. A man’s hand held an engorged cock up to my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the tip. He pushed it in. 

I began to suck on it. Yes! I felt transformed. Unexpectedly, I flung my arms around his legs, pulling his cock into my face, plunging my mouth down over that sweet, warm, swelling prick. The blood-red cock head filled my mouth. I sucked harder and impaled my face on it, reared my head back and did it again, and again, getting it deeper into my throat each time, as it grew longer and harder. I began to moan, my cries of arousal only partly blocked by the burgeoning cock filling my throat. I could feel the cock responding to my passion. I could feel the man behind it responding. I could feel the whole room responding. The sexual energy in the room was growing, and changing, moment by moment.

Gaining strength and confidence, I unwrapped one arm from around him and dipped a hand into the source of my yearning. I barely brushed my clit before I clenched in a spasming orgasmic wave. I came, loudly and undeniably. 

The cock in my mouth erupted in immediate response, fountaining with semen, filling my mouth to overflowing. In a fit of lust, the man I was face-fucking pulled his cock from my lips and shot more cum on my face. Humiliation? No. I chose rapture.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, mouth open, smiling, beatific, as the warm rain of his orgasm spilled over me, reflecting back the heat of my own. A burst of applause broke out, and an animal roar of approval and lust.

I was on my knees, naked in the beast’s lair, in Twylla’s thrall. But my cum slut was in charge of us all now, and she was radiant. A knot of men jostled for position to get in line for my oral ministrations. The rest impatiently gathered in a clot around me, ardently stroking themselves, in pleasure and passion, approaching climax, urging their pricks to shoot, shoot, shower me with their offering of semen and sperm, feeding the flames of my glowing carnal furnace with their sweet cum.

Queen Cindy of Delta Pi accepted the second hot, rigid cock into her bountiful mouth, sucked it all the way down her throat, hummed, and began her reign of pleasure and passion. They had come to use me. Now they were hungry to be near my heat.

I leaned forward and thrust my ass back toward Twylla. I needed both hands now, to hold and stroke this forest of cocks. While I gave myself to them, using both hands, I urged Twylla’s tongue and lips to keep bringing me to the edge of climax, fanning the white-hot core of this slowly building firestorm with a flame of pure orgasmic female incandescence.
Twylla Van Dyke got on her knees and thrust her face into my vulva from behind. Her lips wrapped around my swollen clit. Her tongue lapped the slippery fluid dripping from my cunt up and over my swollen love bud, sliding up and down on my engorged nub, keeping my sex lubricated and stimulated, in perpetual throbbing lust. 

The cum slut inside me was bending us all to her will. It was glorious.

I was sucking on a big, hard dick, its sensitive tip lodged in my throat. I held the rigid shaft of another in my left hand. I could feel it pulsing. I was helping to stroke a third, twisting my right hand around the head, tickling the sensitive underside while its owner thrust it through the ring formed by his finger and thumb. It swelled, the head turning purple. Cum began to dribble from the tip, onto my wrist. The man released the ring from around the base of his cock and jets of semen shot out, onto my cheek and hair. 

It triggered a chain reaction. Two more immediately spurted, causing a warm rain of cum to fall on my neck, breasts and shoulders, dripping slowly down my back and front in thin white runnels. At the same instant, the cock in my throat jerked and pulsed, injecting its seed directly into my gullet, then withdrew, still leaking cum. And at that moment, Twylla gave my clitoris a strong, prolonged swirling suck and I came again, loudly, screaming my pleasure around the shaft of a yet another cock, already plunging noisily into my mouth and throat.

Cock after cock was stuffed into my mouth, and I lusted for every one, worshipped every one, brought each one to paroxysms of pleasure, culminating in wet orgasm, and utterly satisfied every one, draining them completely.

Other cocks, too impatient to wait, jacked off on my face and my tiny, precious tits, and I turned it into something beautiful, every pulsing cock spraying an offering of semen to the cum goddess I embodied. Others might seek to debase me, but I refused to be debased.

With so many engorged shafts and heads pumping in and out of my mouth, the stimulus of Twylla’s tongue on my clit kept pulling me over the edge, into the sweet abyss. I came, again and again, shuddering, trembling, dripping, screaming.

Things began to blur together, into one endless series of swollen heads, pulsing shafts, and back-to-back male and female orgasms. But distinct moments stand out in sharp relief: 

An enormous cock, it’s head swaying in front of me, spraying a fountain of pale fluid, arcing over me. Me, raising my face languidly to catch it in mid-stream in my mouth…
Twylla playfully slipping a moistened finger up my ass while I was deepthroating a particularly long member, causing me to choke, squeezing the cock so hard it unloaded inside me on the spot, then pulling her finger out as she sucked hard on my clit, triggering the most spectacular orgasm of my night, as the long shaft continued to pulse…
A trembling dick spilling a thick creamy wad in my mouth, its owner crying out as I massaged the head with my tongue, bathing it in its own slippery load…
One long cock pulling slowly out of my mouth, trailing a string of cum and saliva, as another bobbed in the air, hungry to enter…
Four cocks spurting cum on my face at the same time, the hot seed splashing on both my cheeks. The guttural moans of lust and satisfaction as I wiped my face clean with my fingers, gathering their semen, and sucked the fresh cum from my hands, just before another turgid member thrust into my mouth, fountaining my mouthful of mixed seed out onto my lips and chin…
Twylla grunting as she rooted aggressively in my cunt, making me cum twice in a row…

The sound of the door closing behind the last man as he left…

Lying alone in the red light with my head in Twylla’s lap, sucking the cum from her fingers as she wiped it off my leather collar and fed it to me with surprising tenderness…

Revealing in the moment, knowing I had truly freed my inner cum slut, that she was a genie who would never go back into the bottle…

Gazing with expectant trepidation into Twylla’s eyes as she held me, their depths busy with thoughts of me in a thousand different positions, already choreographing my promised night of bondage to her every desire…

My pleasure at taking my iPhone out of my daypack in Twilla’s SUV on the way back to my dorm, and reading a love note from Lonni, as the sky turned pale in the east, shot with pink and gold, shining like a glistening vagina…

After all of that, I still wanted to go home and fuck Lonni, to feel the comfort of her cock inside me. To doze in her arms. It was Saturday. We could stay in bed. 

I was so happy.


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